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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1959Paleoparadoxia Reinhart p. 94 figs. Fig. 17
1966Paleoparadoxia Shikama p. 154
1986Paleoparadoxia Domning et al. p. 36 figs. Fig. 22
1988Paleoparadoxia Carroll
1995Paleoparadoxia Inuzuka et al. p. 524
1996Paleoparadoxia Domning p. 395
1997Paleoparadoxia McKenna and Bell p. 375
2000Paleoparadoxia Inuzuka p. 105
2002Paleoparadoxia Saegusa p. 4
2002Paleoparadoxia Sepkoski, Jr.
2007Paleoparadoxia Domning and Barnes p. 749
2008Paleoparadoxia Domning p. 643
2009Paleoparadoxia Beatty
2013Paleoparadoxia Barnes p. 56
2014Paleoparadoxia Cooper et al. p. 8 figs. Fig. 3

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