DV 1272-1 - Camana Fm (Miocene of Peru)

Where: Peru (16.7° S, 72.4° W: paleocoordinates 17.6° S, 67.7° W)

• coordinate stated in text

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Camana Formation, Early/Lower Miocene (23.0 - 16.0 Ma)

• STRATIGRAPHIC DATA: From Camana Formation, which overlies the Lower Moquegua Fm or Paracas Fm (of Caraveli 1983), and is time-transgressive with the Upper Moquegua and Hualillas fms . AGE: Latest Oligocene-early Middle Miocene. Authors assign collection to the Early Miocene. STRATIGRAPHIC RELATIONS: Unknown position within formation.

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: coastal; lithified, shelly/skeletal sandstone

• ENVIRONMENT: Shallow marine siliciclastic setting.
• SPECIFIC LITHOLOGY: Bioclastic sandstone. LITHIFICATION: Not stated, but presumed lithified given age and facies relationships.

Size class: macrofossils

Collection methods: surface (in situ),

• COLLECTORS: T.J. DeVries (multiple years). REPOSITORY: Mueo de Historia Natural, Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima, Peru.

Primary reference: T. J. DeVries. 2001. Molluscan evidence for an Oligocene-Miocene age of 'Paracas' beds in southern Peru. Boletín de la Sociedad Geológica del Peru 92:57-65 [A. Hendy/A. Hendy/P. Wagner]more details

Purpose of describing collection: biostratigraphic analysis

PaleoDB collection 76640: authorized by Austin Hendy, entered by Austin Hendy on 27.11.2007

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• COMPLETENESS: Not exhaustive but comprising common and characteristic forms. NOMENCLATURE: Not an authoritative publication but with modern nomenclature and generally with species-level assignments.
 Arcida - Glycymerididae
"Glycymeris cf. ibariformis" = Glycymeris (Glycymerita) ibariformis
"Glycymeris cf. ibariformis" = Glycymeris (Glycymerita) ibariformis Frassinetti and Covacevich 1983 clam
 Carditida - Crassatellidae
"Eucrassatella ponderosa" = Tilicrassatella ponderosa
"Eucrassatella ponderosa" = Tilicrassatella ponderosa Philippi 1887 clam
 Neogastropoda - Conidae
Conus sp. Linnaeus 1758 cone shell
 Sorbeoconcha - Turritellidae
Turritella woodsi Lisson 1925 turret shell