CSUN Loc. 372 - Santa Susana Mountains [Llajas Fm] (Eocene to of the United States)

Where: Los Angeles County, California (34.3° N, 118.6° W: paleocoordinates 36.2° N, 102.9° W)

• coordinate estimated from map

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Llajas Formation, Ypresian to Ypresian (56.0 - 41.3 Ma)

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: offshore; bioturbated sandstone

• sandstone.

Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the LACM

Collection methods: bulk,

Primary reference: R. L. Squires. 1984. Megapaleontology of the Eocene Llajas Formation, Simi Valley, California. Contributions in Science, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 350:1-76 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 200143: authorized by Jonathan Marcot, entered by Jonathan Marcot on 22.03.2019

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• New species only.
 Cardiida - Glossidae
"Callocardia (Nitidavenus) tejonensis" = Isocardia tejonensis
"Callocardia (Nitidavenus) tejonensis" = Isocardia tejonensis Waring 1914 clam
 Cephalaspidea - Cylichnidae
"Cylichnina tantilla" = Cylichnella tantilla
"Cylichnina tantilla" = Cylichnella tantilla Anderson and Hanna 1925 snail
 Architaenioglossa - Ampullinidae
Eocernina hannibali Dickerson 1914 snail
Pachycrommium clarki Stewart 1927 snail
 Neogastropoda - Volutidae
Lyria andersoni Waring 1917 volute
 Neogastropoda - Turridae
Surculites mathewsonii Gabb 1864 turrid
 Neogastropoda -
 Stromboidea - Strombidae
"Ectinochilus (Macilentos) macilentus" = Ectinochilus (Macilentos) macilenta
"Ectinochilus (Macilentos) macilentus" = Ectinochilus (Macilentos) macilenta White 1889 true conch
 Tonnoidea - Cassidae
"Phalium (Semicassis) tuberculiformis" = Morio (Sconsia) tuberculatus
"Phalium (Semicassis) tuberculiformis" = Morio (Sconsia) tuberculatus Squires 1984 snail
 Sorbeoconcha - Turritellidae
Turritella buwaldana Dickerson 1916 turret shell
 Architectonicoidea - Architectonicidae
"Architectonica (Stellaxis) cognata" = Stellaxis cognata
"Architectonica (Stellaxis) cognata" = Stellaxis cognata Gabb 1864 sundial