UC-A527 - Vaqueros Fm (Miocene of the United States)

Where: Orange County, California (33.5° N, 117.8° W: paleocoordinates 32.6° N, 111.5° W)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Vaqueros Formation, Early/Lower Miocene (23.0 - 16.0 Ma)

• STRATIGRAPHIC RELATIONS: From the Vaqueros Fm, which unconformably overlies the Eocene Tempetate/Martinez Fm, and is overlain by the Temblor Fm (Middle Miocene). THICKNESS: From bed within unit which locally reaches 500 ft in thickness. AGE: Early Miocene on the basis of molluscan biostratigraphy. STRATIGRAPHIC POSITION: From just below the contact with the Temblor Fm, basal Vaqueros Fm.

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: coastal; poorly lithified, silty sandstone

• ENVIRONMENT: From rather shallow siliciclastic marine facies on the basis of faunal composition.
• SPECIFIC LITHOLOGY: Light colored sandstones and silty sandstones. LITHIFICATION: Poorly lithified on the basis of facies description of adjacent strata and age.

Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the UCMP

Collection methods: surface (in situ),

• COLLECTOR: W. Loel, W. H. Corey, and A. M. Strong (c. late 1910-20's). REPOSITORY: University of California, Berkeley (UCNMP).

Primary reference: W. Loel and W. H. Corey. 1932. The Vaqueros Formation, Lower Miocene of California (Part 1). University of California Publications, Bulletin of the Department of Geological Sciences 22(3):31-410 [A. Hendy/A. Hendy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: biostratigraphic analysis

PaleoDB collection 71215: authorized by Austin Hendy, entered by Austin Hendy on 21.04.2007

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• COVERAGE: Exhaustive for bivalvia and gastropoda, with annelida, bryozoa, crustacea, and pisces also listed. NOMENCLATURE: Antiquated nomenclature, but from authoritative publication with consistent use of species and subgenus-level assignments.
 Sessilia - Balanidae
Balanus sp. Da Costa 1778 barnacle
 Sabellida - Serpulidae
 Arcida - Arcidae
Arca (Barbatia) strongi n. sp. Loel and Corey 1932 clam
 Pectinida - Pectinoidae
"Pecten (Plagioctenium) andersoni" = Aequipecten andersoni, Pecten (Lyropecten) perrini, Pecten (Lyropecten) bowersi, "Pecten (Lyropecten) miguelensis" = Lyropecten miguelensis
"Pecten (Plagioctenium) andersoni" = Aequipecten andersoni Arnold 1906 scallop
SUBSPECIES: P. (Plagioctenium) andersoni subandersoni
Pecten (Lyropecten) perrini Arnold 1906 scallop
Pecten (Lyropecten) bowersi Arnold 1906 scallop
"Pecten (Lyropecten) miguelensis" = Lyropecten miguelensis Arnold 1906 scallop
COMMENTS: Includes P. (L.) miguelensis submiguelensis
 Ostreida - Gryphaeidae
"Ostrea eldridgei" = Pycnodonte (Crenostrea) eldridgei
"Ostrea eldridgei" = Pycnodonte (Crenostrea) eldridgei Arnold 1907 oyster
 Ostreida - Pteriidae
Pteria hertleini Wiedey 1928 pearl oyster
 Cardiida - Mactridae
"Mactra cf. sectoris" = Mactromeris sectoris
"Mactra cf. sectoris" = Mactromeris sectoris Anderson and Martin 1914 clam
 Cardiida - Ungulinidae
Diplodonta cf. orbella Gould 1851 clam
 Cardiida - Veneridae
"Chione aff. richthofeni" = Chione (Chionopsis) richthofeni Hertlein and Jordan 1927 venus clam
Clementia (Egesta) pertenuis Gabb 1864 venus clam
 Cardiida - Solecurtidae
Tagelus clarki Loel and Corey 1932 clam
 Cardiida - Tellinidae
Macoma nasuta Conrad 1837 tellin clam
 Cardiida - Cardiidae
"Cardium (Trachycardium) woodringi n. sp." = Trachycardium (Trachycardium) woodringi
"Cardium (Trachycardium) woodringi n. sp." = Trachycardium (Trachycardium) woodringi Lowel and Cory 1932 cockle
 Lucinida - Lucinidae
"Phacoides (Lucinisca) nuttallii" = Lucinisca nuttalli, "Phacoides (Lucinoma) acutilineatus" = Lucinoma acutilineata
"Phacoides (Lucinisca) nuttallii" = Lucinisca nuttalli Conrad 1837 clam
COMMENTS: Mispelt P. (L.) nutallii
"Phacoides (Lucinoma) acutilineatus" = Lucinoma acutilineata Conrad 1849 clam
  - Siphonaliidae
Bruclarkia barkerianum snail
SUBSPECIES: B. barkerianum santacruzanum
 Opisthobranchia - Cylichnidae
Scaphander jugularis Conrad 1855 snail
 Neogastropoda - Muricidae
Rapana vaquerosensis Arnold 1908 murex snail
COMMENTS: Includes R. vaquerosensis imperialis
 Naticoidea - Naticidae
"Polinices recluzianus" = Glossaulax reclusiana
"Polinices recluzianus" = Glossaulax reclusiana Deshayes 1841 moon snail
SUBSPECIES: P. recluzianus andersoni
 Calyptraeoidea - Calyptraeidae
Calyptraea filosa Gabb 1866 slipper shell
Crepidula diminutiva n. sp. Loel and Corey 1932 slipper shell
 Sorbeoconcha - Turritellidae
Turritella inezana turret shell
COMMENTS: Also includes multiple subspecies
Turritella ocoyana Conrad 1855 turret shell
COMMENTS: Also includes multiple subspecies
Turritella temblorensis Wiedey 1928 turret shell
 Sorbeoconcha - Cerithiidae
"Cerithium topangensis" = Bittium topangensis
"Cerithium topangensis" = Bittium topangensis Arnold 1907 cerith snail
 Turbinoidea - Turbinidae
"Astraea morani n. sp." = Astraea (Pomaulax) morani
"Astraea morani n. sp." = Astraea (Pomaulax) morani Loel and Corey 1932 snail
 Cheilostomata -
Cheilostomata indet. Busk 1859
COMMENTS: Listed as Cheilostomatid sps.
 Clypeasteroida - Scutellidae
? Scutella vaquerosensis Kew 1920 sand dollar
 Clypeasteroida - Echinarachniidae
"Scutella norrisi" = Echinarachnius norrisi
"Scutella norrisi" = Echinarachnius norrisi Pack 1909 sand dollar