Acanthocardia (Schedocardia) (cockle)

Bivalvia - Cardiida - Cardiidae

Alternative spelling: Plagiocardium (Schedocardia)

Parent taxon: Acanthocardia according to E. J. Moore 2002

See also Kiessling 2003, Palmer and Brann 1965, Squires 1984, Squires 1987 and Turner 1938

Sister taxa: Acanthocardia (Acanthocardia), Acanthocardia (Agnocardia), Acanthocardia afra, Acanthocardia becksii, Acanthocardia hanseata, Acanthocardia maputi, Acanthocardia massintonti, Acanthocardia mozambensis, Cardium (Acanthocardia) cheribonense

Subtaxa: Acanthocardia (Schedocardia) brewerii Acanthocardia (Schedocardia) tuomeyi

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Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder


• Eocene of United States (72: Alaska, California, Louisiana, Oregon, Washington collections)

• Paleocene to Eocene of United States (1: California)

• Paleocene of Mexico (1), the Russian Federation (1), United States (25: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas)

Total: 100 collections including 101 occurrences

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