Thracia (Cyathodonta) Conrad 1849 (clam)

Bivalvia - Thraciida - Thraciidae

Alternative spelling: Cyathodonta

Parent taxon: Thracia according to O. Mandic and F. F. Steininger 2003

See also Mansfield 1940, Sepkoski 2002, Vokes 1980 and Woodring 1982

Sister taxa: Thracia (Cetothrax), Thracia (Crassithracia), Thracia (Homoeodesma), Thracia (Ixartia), Thracia (Odoncineta), Thracia (Thracia), Thracia alciope, Thracia applanata, Thracia brioni, Thracia curtansata, Thracia declivis, Thracia depressa, Thracia dilleri, Thracia formosa, Thracia grignonensis, Thracia incerta, Thracia karquinesensis, Thracia keaseyensis, Thracia kissoumi, Thracia ludovica, Thracia mactroides, Thracia oblata, Thracia papyracea, Thracia parvula, Thracia prisca, Thracia proavita, Thracia schencki, Thracia stelcki, Thracia ventricosa, Thracia viceliacensis, Thracia weedi, Eximiothracia perscabrosa

Subtaxa: Cyathodonta dolicha Cyathodonta dubiosa Cyathodonta gatunensis Cyathodonta guadelupensis Cyathodonta pedroana Cyathodonta spenceri Cyathodonta tristani Cyathodonta undulata Thracia (Cyathodonta) taylorensis

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Type: Cyathodonta undulata

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder


• Quaternary of Costa Rica (2 collections), Ecuador (1), Mexico (1), United States (5: California, Florida)

• Pliocene of Costa Rica (1), United States (4: California, Florida, South Carolina), Venezuela (4)

• Miocene of Austria (1), Colombia (1), Panama (8), Poland (1), Puerto Rico (4), Venezuela (1)

• Oligocene of Panama (1), United States (1: Mississippi)

Total: 36 collections including 37 occurrences

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