Rhinoclavis (Ochetoclava) Woodring 1928 (cerith snail)

Gastropoda - Sorbeoconcha - Cerithiidae

Alternative spellings: Clava (Ochetoclava), Ochetoclava

Parent taxon: Rhinoclavis according to J. A. Todd 2001

See also Clark and Durham 1946, Hoerle 1972, Mansfield 1940 and Sepkoski 2002

Sister taxa: Rhinoclavis (Hopkinsiana), Rhinoclavis (Longicerithium), Rhinoclavis (Proclava), Rhinoclavis (Rhinoclavis), Rhinoclavis ampullosa, Rhinoclavis articulata, Rhinoclavis aspera, Rhinoclavis bituberculata, Rhinoclavis brettinghami, Rhinoclavis fasciata, Rhinoclavis kochi, Rhinoclavis orditus, Rhinoclavis sinensis, Rhinoclavis submelanoides, Rhinoclavis vertagus, Rhinoclavis voglinoi, Cerithium (Vertagus) rudloffi, Vertagus kachhensis, Vertagus oligoasper, Clava (Semivertagus), Clava plebeia, Clava (Striovertagus), Clava aspera, Clava costaricana, Clava (Clava), Clava (Pseudovertagus), Clava (Clavocerithium), Clava alajuela

Subtaxa: Clava (Ochetoclava) perduensis Clava (Ochetoclava) vincta Clava (Ochetoclava) watsonensis Rhinoclavis (Ochetoclava) chipolana Rhinoclavis (Ochetoclava) gemmata

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Type: Cerithium gemmatum

Ecology: epifaunal grazer


• Quaternary of United States (2: Florida, Hawaii collections)

• Pliocene of Costa Rica (1), the Dominican Republic (6), Jamaica (6), United States (1: Florida)

• Miocene to Pliocene of the Dominican Republic (9)

• Miocene of Brazil (1), Colombia (18), the Dominican Republic (49), Grenada (2), Japan (2), Panama (6), United States (28: Florida), Venezuela (3)

• Eocene of Colombia (1), United States (2: Florida)

Total: 137 collections including 142 occurrences

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