Hemiaster (Bolbaster) Pomel 1869 (heart urchin)

Echinoidea - Spatangoida - Hemiasteridae

Alternative spelling: Bolbaster

Full reference: A. Pomel. 1869. Revue des échinodermes et de leur classification pour servir d'introduction à l'étude des fossiles. Deyrolle, Paris 1-67

Parent taxon: Hemiaster according to K. J. McNamara 1987

See also Fischer 1966 and Pomel 1869

Sister taxa: Hemiaster (Gregoryaster), Hemiaster (Hemiaster), Hemiaster (Holanthus), Hemiaster (Integraster), Hemiaster (Leymeriaster), Hemiaster (Trachyaster), Hemiaster aequisgranensis, Hemiaster alamedensis, Hemiaster amelianus, Hemiaster antillensis, Hemiaster arcolensis, Hemiaster arcticus, Hemiaster beecheri, Hemiaster bufo, Hemiaster californicus, Hemiaster calvini, Hemiaster cholamensis, Hemiaster comanchei, Hemiaster delawarensis, Hemiaster dewalquei, Hemiaster elegans, Hemiaster globulosus, Hemiaster gonzalezmunozi, Hemiaster hattaensis, Hemiaster humphreysanus, Hemiaster kuemmeli, Hemiaster moscovensis, Hemiaster oregonensis, Hemiaster parastatus, Hemiaster paronai, Hemiaster proclivus, Hemiaster sabinal, Hemiaster sibiricus, Hemiaster stella, Hemiaster texanus, Hemiaster ungula, Hemiaster welleri, Hemiaster wetherbyi

Subtaxa: Hemiaster (Bolbaster) callidus Hemiaster (Bolbaster) dolosus Hemiaster (Bolbaster) planedeclivis Hemiaster (Bolbaster) prunella Hemiaster (Bolbaster) subidus Hemiaster (Bolbaster) verecundus

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Type: Spatangus prunella

Ecology: slow-moving shallow infaunal deposit feeder-detritivore


• Miocene of Australia (5 collections)

• Oligocene of Australia (3)

• Eocene of Australia (1)

• Cretaceous to Paleogene of the Netherlands (4)

• Cretaceous of Belgium (2), France (3), the Netherlands (6), Spain (8)

Total: 32 collections each including a single occurrence

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