†family Asterolepididae Traquair 1888 (armour-plated fish)

Osteichthyes - Antiarcha - Asterolepididae

Alternative spelling: Asterolepidae

Parent taxon: Antiarcha according to R. H. Denison 1975

See also Hay 1902, Moloshnikov 2007 and Woodward 1891

Sister taxa: Bothriolepididae, Grossaspis, Jiangxilepus, Lepadolepis, Liujiangolepis, Macrodontophion, Phymolepis, Pterichthyodid, Qujinolepis, Silurolepidae, Sinolepidae, Sinolepis, Taeniolepis, Xichonolepis, Yunnanolepis, Zhanjilepis, Bothriolepoidei, Yunnanolepidoidei, Bothriolepidae, Pterichthyodes

Subtaxa: Asterolepis Microbrachium Pterichthys

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Type: Asterolepis

Ecology: nektonic carnivore


• Triassic of Germany (1 collection)

• Mississippian of the United Kingdom (1)

• Devonian of Canada (2: Nunavut), Norway (1), the Russian Federation (1)

Total: 6 collections including 9 occurrences

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