†unranked clade Silesauridae Langer et al. 2010 (ornithodiran)

Reptilia - Dinosauromorpha - Silesauridae

Full reference: M. C. Langer, M. D. Ezcurra, J. S. Bittencourt and F. E. Novas. 2010. The origin and early evolution of dinosaurs. Biological Reviews 85:55-110

Parent taxon: Dinosauriformes according to S. J. Nesbitt 2011

See also Langer et al. 2010, Martz and Small 2019, Nesbitt et al. 2010 and Sarigul et al. 2018

Sister taxa: Atreipus, Dinosauria, Ignotosaurus, Lagosuchus, Lagosuchus talampayensis, Marasuchus, Paratrisauropus, Saltopus

Subtaxa: Asilisaurus Lewisuchinae Lewisuchus Pseudolagosuchus Soumyasaurus Sulcimentisauria

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• Triassic of Argentina (4 collections), Brazil (1), Morocco (1), Poland (4), Tanzania (5), United States (13: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas), Zambia (1)

Total: 29 collections including 32 occurrences

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