†suborder Petalichthyida Jaekel 1911

Osteichthyes - Petalichthyida

Alternative spelling: Petalichthida

Synonym: Petalichthyiformes

Full reference: O. Jaekel. 1911. Die Wirbeltiere. Eine Übersicht über die Fossilen und Lebenden Formen [The Vertebrates. An Overview of the Fossil and Living Forms] viii-252

Parent taxon: Placodermi according to G. C. Young 2010

See also Grande and Eastman 1986 and Long 2011

Sister taxa: Acanthothoraci, Antiarcha, Arthrodira, Austroptyctodus, Brindabellaspida, Campbellodus, Coccostei, Coelosteichthys, Nessariostoma, Petalichthida, Phyllolepida, Pseudopetalichthyida, Ptychostei, Ptyctodontida, Rhenanida, Stensioellida

Subtaxa: none


• Devonian of Germany (1 collection)

• Silurian of China (1)

Total: 2 collections including 3 occurrences

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