†unranked clade Ornithocheiridae Seeley 1870

Reptilia - Pterosauria - Ornithocheiridae

Alternative spellings: Ornithocheirinae, Ornithocheirinae

Synonym: Criorhynchidae Hooley 1914

Parent taxon: Pterodactyloidea according to T. Rodrigues and A. W. A. Kellner 2013

See also Andres and Myers 2013, Bakker 1986, Carroll 1988, Delair 1958, Kuhn 1946, Kuhn 1966, Lee 1994, Martill and Unwin 2011, Nopcsa 1928, Pentland et al. 2019, Roxo 1937, Unwin 2003, Unwin and Lü 1997, Unwin and Martill 2007, Wang and Zhou 2006, Williston 1897, Williston 1903, Young 1964 and Zittel 1890

Sister taxa: Anhangueria, Apatomerus, Araripedactylus, Araripedactylus dehmi, Araripesaurus castilhoi, Archaeopterodactyloidea, Ardeadactylus, Aurorazhdarchidae, Belonochasmatidae, Cearadactylidae, Dermodactylus montanus, Doratorhynchus validus, Dsungaripteroidea, Eupterodactyloidea, Herbstosaurus, Kryptodrakon, Lonchodraconidae, Lophocratia, Mesadactylus, Ningchengopterus, Nyctosauridae, Nyctosaurus, Ornithocheirus brachyrhinus, Ornithocheirus bunzeli, Ornithocheirus carteri, Ornithocheirus crassidens, Ornithocheirus dentatus, Ornithocheirus enchorhynchus, Ornithocheirus eurygnathus, Ornithocheirus oxyrhinus, Ornithocheirus scaphorhynchus, Ornithocheirus tenuirostris, Ornithocheirus xyphorhynchus, Ornithodesmidae, Osteornis, Pteranodontia, Pterodactylus grandipelvis, Pterodactylus grandis, Pterodactylus longipes, Pterodactylus sagittirostris, Pterodactylus woodwardi, Santanadactylus pricei, Tendaguripteridae, Titanopterygiidae, Wenupteryx

Subtaxa: Aetodactylus Araripesaurus Arthurdactylus Barbosania Caulkicephalus Coloborhynchus Dermodactylus Mythunga Ornithocheirinae Pteranodontinae

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• Cretaceous of Australia (4 collections), Brazil (3), France (1), Japan (1), Morocco (4), the Russian Federation (3), Spain (2), Tunisia (1), the United Kingdom (13), United States (2: Texas)

Total: 34 collections including 37 occurrences

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