†family Gracilisuchidae Butler et al. 2014 (archosaur)

Reptilia - Pseudosuchia - Gracilisuchidae

Full reference: R. J. Butler, C. Sullivan, M. D. Ezcurra, J. Liu, A. Lecuona and R. B. Sookias. 2014. New clade of enigmatic early archosaurs yields insights into early pseudosuchian phylogeny and the biogeography of the archosaur radiation. BMC Evolutionary Biology 14:128

Parent taxon: Suchia according to R. J. Butler et al. 2014

See also Carroll 1988

Sister taxa: Aetosauria, Crocodiliformes, Paracrocodylomorpha, Prestosuchidae, Rauisuchia, Rauisuchiformes, Shuvosauridae, Teratosauridae, Ticinosuchus

Subtaxa: Gracilisuchus Turfanosuchus Yonghesuchus

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Ecology: carnivore


• Triassic of Argentina (2 collections), China (2)

Total: 4 collections each including a single occurrence

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