Order Salientia Laurenti 1768 (frog-like amphibian)

Osteichthyes - Salientia

Full reference: J. N. Laurenti. 1768. Specimen medicum, exhibens synopsin reptilium emendatam cum experimentis circa venena et antidota reptilium austriacorum [Medical ideas, showing an emended synopsis of the reptiles together with experiences in poisoning by and antidotes of Austrian reptiles]. Published and printed by Johann Thomas von Trattner, Vienna

Parent taxon: Batrachia according to J. S. Anderson et al. 2008

See also Cope 1875, Dundee 1989, Estes 1964, Evans and Borsuk−Białynicka 2009, Evans and Borsuk-Bialynicka 1998, Gao and Chen 2004, Gao and Wang 2001, Gardner 2001, Hay 1902, Hecht 1960 and McGowan and Evans 1995

Sister taxa: Asperipes, Baropezia, Caudata, Cursipes, Gymnophidia, Megapezia, Ornithoides, Pseudobradypus, Trachystomata

Subtaxa: Anura Czatkobatrachus Lutetiobatrachus Notobatrachidae Notobatrachus Triadobatrachus

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Ecology: amphibious carnivore

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