Chirotherium barthii Kaup 1835 (archosaur)

Reptilia - Thecodontia

Alternative combinations: Cheirotherium barthi, Chirotherium barthi, Chirotherium barti

Synonyms: Cheirotherium kaupii Owen 1842, Chirotherium bairdi Reig 1961, Chirotherium bipes Berthold 1835, Chirotherium gallicum Willruth 1917, Chirotherium higuerensis Rusconi 1952, Chirotherium kaupii Owen 1842, Chirotherium majus Sickler 1836, Chirotherium pfeifferi Soergel 1925, Saurichnites auraensis Kirchner 1927, Saurichnites gambaensis Schuster 1936

Full reference: J. J. Kaup. 1835. Thier-Fährten von Hildburghausen: Chirotherium oder Chirosaurus [Animal tracks from Hildburghausen: Chirotherium or Chirosaurus]. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Geognosie, Geologie und Petrfaktenkunde 1835:327-328

Belongs to Chirotherium according to M. J. King et al. 2005

See also Avanzini 2000, Baird 1954, Baird 1957, Bock 1952, Courel et al. 1968, Courel and Demathieu 1995, Demathieu 1970, Demathieu 1974, Demathieu 1985, Demathieu and Haubold 1972, Ellenberger et al. 1970, Gand 1974, Gand et al. 2012, Gand et al. 2007, Gand et al. 1973, Girard 1846, Haubold 1969, Haubold 1969, Hay 1902, Kaup 1835, Kirchner 1927, Klein and Haubold 2007, Klein and Lucas 2010, Klein et al. 2011, Kuhn 1958, Kuhn 1963, Lang and Huene 1952, Leonardi 1981, Mantell 1854, Peabody 1948, Sarjeant 1975, Schmidt 1927, Schmidt 1938, Schmidt 1959, Swinton 1934, Thulborn 2006, Tresise 1993, Tresise 2003 and Winkler 1886

Sister taxa: Chirotherium angustum, Chirotherium copei, Chirotherium culmbachense, Chirotherium demathieui, Chirotherium eyermani, Chirotherium harrasense, Chirotherium herculis, Chirotherium hessei, Chirotherium heterodactylus, Chirotherium hildburghausense, Chirotherium huberi, Chirotherium lulli, Chirotherium mediterraneum, Chirotherium parvum, Chirotherium peabodyi, Chirotherium praeparvum, Chirotherium reiteri, Chirotherium rex, Chirotherium sickleri, Chirotherium soergeli, Chirotherium storetonense, Chirotherium swinnertoni, Chirotherium vorbachi, Chirotherium wondrai, Thenaropus leptodactylus, Thenaropus heterodactylus, Thenaropus ovoidactylus, Thenaropus sphaerodactylus, Thenaropus pachydactylus, Saurichnites lacertoides, Saurichnites leisnerianus, Saurichnites pourriaci, Saurichnites kablikae

Type specimens:

  • Chirotherium barthii: UTGI, a footprint. Its type locality is Hessberger Quarry, Hildburghausen tracksite, which is in an Olenekian/Anisian terrestrial sandstone/claystone in the Chirotheriensandstein Formation of Germany.
  • Chirotherium bairdi:
  • Chirotherium bipes:
  • Chirotherium gallicum:
  • Chirotherium higuerensis: PVL 2592, 2594?, a footprint. Its type locality is Sierra de Las Higueras, which is in a Norian fluvial-deltaic sandstone in the Los Colorados Formation of Argentina.
  • Chirotherium kaupii:
  • Chirotherium majus:
  • Chirotherium pfeifferi:
  • Saurichnites auraensis: Its type locality is Aura an der Saale tracksite, which is in a Buntsandstein terrestrial horizon in Germany.
  • Saurichnites gambaensis:

Ecology: carnivore


• Triassic of Argentina (1 collection), China (2), France (9), Germany (5), Italy (1), Morocco (3), Poland (1), Spain (1), the United Kingdom (3), United States (8: Arizona, Wyoming)

Total: 34 collections including 35 occurrences

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