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Cetacea (whale)

Mammalia - Cetacea

Cetacea was named by Brisson (1762). It is extant.

It was reranked as the class Cetaceae by Gray (1821); it was synonymized subjectively with Cete by Hay (1902); it was corrected as Cetacei by Jaekel (1911); it was reranked as the suborder Cetacea by McKenna and Bell (1997), Hulbert and Whitmore (2006) and Canto et al. (2010); it was reranked as the class Cetacea by Godfrey et al. (2017); it was reranked as the unranked clade Cetacea by Ameghino (1889), Geisler and Sanders (2003), Agnarsson and May-Collado (2008), Spaulding et al. (2009), Asher and Helgen (2010) and Berta (2017).

It was assigned to Vertebrosa by Gray (1821); to Monodelphia by Pictet (1853); to Mutilata by Cope (1889); to Homalodonta by Ameghino (1889); to Eutheria by Flower and Lydekker (1891); to Eutheria by Parker and Haswell (1897); to Holotheria by Jaekel (1911); to Mutica by Simpson (1945) and Harland et al. (1967); to Cete by McKenna (1975); to Eutheria by Flower (1883), Gadow (1898), Gregory (1910), Carroll (1988) and Nowak (1991); to Cetruminantia by Ursing et al. (2000); to Cetaceamorpha by Spaulding et al. (2009); to Cete by McKenna and Bell (1997), Archibald (1998), Hulbert and Whitmore (2006), Hampe (2006) and Canto et al. (2010); to Cetancodonta by Arnason et al. (2004), Agnarsson and May-Collado (2008) and Boisserie et al. (2011); to Whippomorpha by Waddell et al. (1999), Boisserie et al. (2005), Asher and Helgen (2010) and Uhen et al. (2011); to Mammalia by Bronn (1853), Leidy (1873), Cope (1875), Case (1904), Andrews (1906), Abel (1919), Zittel (1925), Hershkovitz (1966), Barnes (1978), Baird and Horner (1979), Thurmond and Jones (1981), Whitmore (1984), Barnes (1985), Bianucci (1997), Thewissen and Hussain (1998), Sepkoski (2002), Cahuzac et al. (2005), Bisconti and Varola (2006), Gingerich (2007), Bisconti (2007), Gingerich et al. (2009) and Boessenecker and Fordyce (2015); to Cetartiodactyla by Montgelard et al. (1997), Thewissen et al. (2001), Geisler and Sanders (2003), Uhen (2004), Bisconti (2008), Jefferson and Rosenbaum (2014) and Berta (2017); and to Artiodactyla by Godfrey et al. (2017).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1762Cetacea Brisson p. 218
1804Anarnak Lacépède p. 163
1804Anarnak groenlandicus Lacépède p. 164
1806Ananarcus Dumeril
1806Anarcus Froriep
1811Anarnak Illiger p. 142
1814Oxypterus Rafinesque
1814Oxypterus mongitori Rafinesque
1821Carnivorae Gray p. 309
1821Cetaceae Gray p. 309
1821Anarnacus Gray p. 310
1829Delphinus mongitori Fischer p. 509
1840Ziphius priscus Eichwald
1842Cetotherium priscum Brandt p. 146
1842Manatus giganteus De Kay p. 123
1842Manatus giganteus DeKay p. 123
1843Cetotherium priscum Brandt p. 148
1846Anarnacus Gray p. 29
1853Cetacea Bronn p. 754
1853Cetotherium priscum Bronn p. 756
1853Cetacea Pictet p. 380
1860Choneziphius priscus Eichwald p. 399
1860Cetotherium priscum Nordmann p. 330
1865Palaeocetus Seeley p. 54
1865Palaeocetus sedgwicki Seeley p. 54 figs. Plate 3
1865Palaeocetus Seeley p. 57
1866Palaeocetus Gray p. 106
1866Palaeocetus sedgwickii Gray p. 106
1866Palaeobalaena Seeley p. 228
1866Palaeobalaena sedgwicki Seeley p. 228
1871Palaeocetus Gervais p. 136
1871Palaeocetus sedgwickii Gervais p. 136
1871Anarnacus Gill p. 126
1871Palaeocetus Gill p. 126
1872Cetotherium priscum Brandt p. 261
1872Otaria leclercii Delfortrie
1872Anarnacus Gill p. 96
1873Palaeocetus Brandt p. 25
1873Cetotherium priscum Brandt p. 101
1873Cetotheriomorphus dubius Brandt pp. 161-162
1873Ziphius blasii Brandt p. 225
1873Cetacea Leidy p. 337
1875Cetacea Cope p. 42
1879Cetotolites McCoy p. 13
1879Cetotolites leggei McCoy p. 14
1879Cetotolites nelsoni McCoy p. 14 figs. Plate LIV, Figs. 3-5
1879Cetotolites pricei McCoy p. 14 figs. Plate LIV, Fig. 2
1879Cetotolites nelsoni rugosa McCoy p. 17
1883Cetacea Flower p. 184
1883Pachycetus humilis Geinitz p. 105
1883Pachycetus robustus Geinitz p. 105
1883Pachycetus Geinitz p. 107
1883Cetotolites baileyi McCoy
1883Pachycetus humilis Van Beneden
1883Pachycetus robustus Van Beneden
1883Pachycetus Van Beneden pp. 31-32
1883Pachycetus humilis Van Beneden p. 32
1883Pachycetus robustus Van Beneden p. 32 figs. not figured
1886Berardiopsis Portis p. 326
1886Berardiopsis pliocaenus Portis p. 326
1887Palaeocetus Lydekker p. 30
1887Palaeocetus sedgwickii Lydekker p. 31
1889Cetacea Ameghino p. 653
1889Cetacea Cope p. 874
1890Anarnacus Cope p. 607
1890Palaeocetus Cope p. 612
1891Cetacea Flower and Lydekker p. 89
1897Cetacea Parker and Haswell p. 450
1898Cetacea Gadow p. 44
1898Archaeocetus Sinzow p. 121
1898Mesotaria leclercii Trouessart p. 378
1898Manatus giganteus Trouessart p. 1000
1898Pachycetus Trouessart p. 1054
1898Pachycetus robustus Trouessart p. 1054
1898Mesoplodon blasii Trouessart p. 1066
1898Berardiopsis Trouessart p. 1068
1898Berardiopsis pliocaenus Trouessart p. 1068
1898Cetotherium priscum Trouessart p. 1071
1898Pachycetus humilis Trouessart p. 1084
1898Palaeocetus sedgwicki Trouessart p. 1088
1898Palaeocetus Trouessart p. 1089
1901Globicephalus eocaenus Ameghino p. 80
1904Cetacea Case p. 3
1904Trichechus giganteus Case p. 56
1904Anarnak Palmer p. 100
1904Anarnak groenlandicus Palmer p. 100
1904Archaeocetus Palmer p. 114
1904Berardiopsis Palmer p. 136
1904Pachycetus Palmer p. 494
1904Palaeocetus Palmer p. 499
1904Mesotaria leclerci Trouessart p. 282
1904Trichechus giganteus Trouessart p. 748
1904Berardiopsis Trouessart p. 778
1904Berardiopsis pliocaenus Trouessart p. 778
1904Mesoplodon blasiusi Trouessart p. 778
1904Cetotherium priscum Trouessart p. 779
1904Archaeocetus Trouessart p. 780
1904Pachycetus Trouessart p. 784
1904Pachycetus humilis Trouessart p. 784
1904Pachycetus robustus Trouessart p. 784
1904Palaeocetus Trouessart p. 786
1904Palaeocetus sedgwicki Trouessart p. 786
1906Cetacea Andrews p. 234
1906Plesiocetus priscus Joleaud p. 380
1910Cetacea Gregory p. 466
1911Cetacei Jaekel p. 230
1912Pachycetus True p. 3
1919Cetacea Abel p. 749
1925Cetacea Zittel p. 80
1928Pachycetus Kellogg p. 35 figs. Table 1
1928Palaeocetus Kellogg p. 35 figs. Table 1
1930Trichechus giganteus Hay p. 658
1933Cetotherium priscum Nicolaescu p. 85
1937Cetotherium priscum Pia p. 59
1944Cetotherium priscum Macarovici p. 136
1945Cetacea Simpson p. 100
1945Berardiopsis Simpson p. 101
1945Pachycetus Simpson p. 104
1945Palaeocetus Simpson p. 105
1947Mesotaria leclercii Friant p. 5
1966Cetacea Hershkovitz p. 6
1967Cetacea Harland et al. p. 774
1975Cetacea McKenna p. 43
1975Berardiopsis Mead p. 750 figs. Table 1
1978Cetacea Barnes p. 3
1979Cetacea Baird and Horner p. 19
1980Berardiopsis Pilleri p. 48
1981Cetacea Thurmond and Jones p. 191
1982Pachycetus Russell p. 72
1982Pachycetus humilis Russell p. 72
1982Pachycetus robustus Russell p. 72
1984Cetacea Whitmore p. 230
1985Cetacea Barnes p. 3
1986Palaeocetus Deméré p. 289
1986Palaeocetus sedgwicki Deméré p. 289
1986Pachycetus Rothausen p. 517
1986Pachycetus humilis Rothausen p. 517
1986Pachycetus robustus Rothausen p. 517
1987Berardiopsis Pilleri p. 93
1987Berardiopsis pliocaenus Pilleri p. 93
1988Cetacea Carroll
1988Pachycetus Carroll
1988Palaeocetus Carroll
1991Cetacea Nowak
1997Cetacea Bianucci p. 164
1997Pachycetus Gingerich et al. p. 68
1997Pachycetus robustus Gingerich et al. p. 68
1997Cetacea McKenna and Bell p. 368
1997Palaeocetus McKenna and Bell p. 378
1997Berardiopsis McKenna and Bell p. 382
1997Cetacea Montgelard et al. p. 555
1998Cetacea Archibald
1998Cetacea Thewissen and Hussain p. 221
1999Cetacea Waddell et al. p. 2
2000Cetacea Ursing et al.
2001Cetacea Thewissen et al. p. suppl.
2002Berardiopsis Sepkoski, Jr.
2002Cetacea Sepkoski, Jr.
2002Pachycetus Sepkoski, Jr.
2002Palaeocetus Sepkoski, Jr.
2003Cetacea Geisler and Sanders p. 27
2004Cetacea Arnason et al. p. 33
2004Cetacea Uhen p. 11
2004Pachycetus van Vliet p. 143
2004Pachycetus humilis van Vliet p. 143
2004Pachycetus robustus van Vliet p. 143
2005Cetacea Boisserie et al.
2005Cetacea Cahuzac et al. p. 420
2006Cetacea Bisconti and Varola p. 449
2006Cetacea Hampe p. 64
2006Cetacea Hulbert and Whitmore p. 19
2007Cetacea Bisconti p. 89
2007Cetacea Gingerich p. 366
2008Cetacea Agnarsson and May-Collado p. 981 figs. Fig. 2
2008Cetacea Bisconti p. 162
2009Cetacea Gingerich et al. p. 3
2009Cetacea Spaulding et al.
2010Cetacea Asher and Helgen p. 3 figs. Figure 1
2010Cetacea Canto et al. p. 20
2011Cetacea Boisserie et al. p. 620 figs. Table 1
2011Cetacea Uhen et al. p. 957
2014Cetacea Jefferson and Rosenbaum
2015Cetacea Boessenecker and Fordyce
2017Cetacea Berta p. 158
2017Palaeocetus Berta p. 168
2017Cetacea Godfrey et al.

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

No diagnoses are available