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Collection Authorizer Collection name Reference
446J. Sepkoski Orthid-bryozoan community, Manitoulin and Cabot Head Fms. Llandovery - Silurian 1 - Canada Ziegler (1971)
508A. Miller Zygospiraella community, Manitoulin Fm., Manitoulin Island Llandovery - Silurian 1 - Canada Copper and Grawbarger (1978)
14195M. Foote Eurypterid-associated biota, Goat Island Mbr., Lockport Fmn., Hamilton, Ont. Wenlock - Silurian 2 - Canada Plotnick (1999)
14196M. Foote Eurypterid-associated biota of the dolomite of the Lockport Fmn. at Elora, Ont. Ludlow - Silurian 2 - Canada Plotnick (1999)
26776M. Foote Calceocrinus pustulosos-Diaphorocrinus Assoc., Rhuddanian, So. Ontario Rhuddanian - Silurian 1 - Canada Frest et al. (1999)

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