north bank of Sangbi Creek: Ladinian - Carnian, China
collected 1992

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Reptilia - Gracilisuchidae
Yonghesuchus sangbiensis n. gen., n. sp. Wu et al. 2001
2 individuals
IVPP V12378 (holotype), incomplete skull; IVPP V12378 (paratype), incomplete skull and cervicals
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Country:China State/province:Shanxi County:Yonghe
Coordinates: 36.6° North, 110.7° East (view map)
Paleocoordinates:42.3° North, 91.8° East
Basis of coordinate:based on nearby landmark
Geographic resolution:small collection
Key time interval:Ladinian - Carnian
Age range of interval:242.00000 - 228.00000 m.y. ago
Formation:Tongchuan Member:2
Stratigraphic resolution:bed
Stratigraphy comments: Member 2 of the Tongchuan Formation; Tongchuan Formation disconformably overlies the Ermaying Formation. Member II of the Tongchuan Formation has been radioisotopically dated at 238.6 ± 2.6 Ma and 234.6 ± 6.5 Ma using SHRIMP U-Pb analyses [31]. This suggests a Ladinian to Carnian age
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology:fine lithified sandstone
Includes fossils?Y
Lithology description: "very hard, fine sandstone"
Environment:terrestrial indet.
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Preservation of anatomical detail:good
Associated major elements:all
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:field collection
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Museum repositories:IVPP
Collection dates:1992
Collection method comments: Collcted by IVPP field team
Also known as:Yonghesuchus holotype site
Database number:88046
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Reference information

Primary reference:

29579. X. -C. Wu, J. Liu, and J. Li. 2001. The anatomy of the first archosauriform (Diapsida) from the terrestrial Upper Triassic of China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 39:251-265 [R. Butler/R. Butler]

Secondary references:

57425 R. J. Butler, C. Sullivan, M. D. Ezcurra, J. Liu, A. Lecuona and R. B. Sookias. 2014. New clade of enigmatic early archosaurs yields insights into early pseudosuchian phylogeny and the biogeography of the archosaur radiation. BMC Evolutionary Biology 14:128 [R. Butler/R. Butler]
29580 J. Liu, X. -C. Wu, and L. Li. 2001. The first reptile from the Tongchuan Formation and its stratigraphic significance. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 39:67-71 [R. Butler/R. Butler]