The Burgess Shale (skeletonized fauna), Stephen Fm.: St Davids, Canada

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Taxonomic list
Radiodonta - Anomalocarididae
Anomalocaris sp.
Trilobita - Corynexochida - Oryctocephalidae
Oryctocephalus sp. Walcott 1886
Trilobita - Corynexochida - Zacanthoididae
Zacanthoides nomengei
Parkaspis decamera
Trilobita - Corynexochida - Dorypygidae
Kootenia burgessensis
Olenoides serratus
Ogygopsis klotzi
Trilobita - Corynexochida - Dolichometopidae
Bathyuriscus sp. Meek
Bathyuriscus ornatus n. sp. Walcott 1908
Walcott 1908 18 specimens
Trilobita - Agnostida - Peronopsidae
Peronopsis sp. Corda 1847
2 species - originally entered as "Peronopis sp."
Trilobita - Agnostida - Eodiscidae
Pagetia booti
Trilobita - Agnostida - Solenopleuridae
Solenopleurella sp. Poulson 1927
2 species
Trilobita - Agnostida - Ptychagnostidae
Ptychagnostus burgessensis
Trilobita - Proparia - Burlingiidae
Burlingia hectori Walcott 1908
Walcott 1908 3 specimens
Trilobita - Ptychopariida - Alokistocaridae
Ehmaniella sp. Resser 1937
Elrathia permutta
Chancia palliseri
Trilobita - Ptychopariida - Ptychopariidae
Pachyaspis sp. Resser 1938
Elrathina sp. Resser 1937
3 species
Perspicaris sp. Briggs 1977
originally entered as "Peropicaris sp."
Canadaspidida - Canadaspididae
Canadaspis sp. Novozhilov in Orlov 1960
Plenocaris sp.
Chaunograptus sp.
Eocrinoidea - Gogiida - Eocrinidae
Gogia sp. Walcott 1917
Gogia stephenensis Sprinkle and Collins 2006
Sprinkle and Collins 2006 7 specimens
Eocrinoidea - Gogiida - Lyracystidae
Lyracystis radiata Sprinkle and Collins 2006
Sprinkle and Collins 2006 10 specimens
Hyolithida - Hyolithidae
Hyolithes sp. d'Eichwald 1840
Kutorginata - Kutorginida - Nisusiidae
Nisusia sp. Walcott 1905
Lingulata - Lingulida - Obolidae
Lingulella sp. Salter 1866
Paterinata - Paterinida - Paterinidae
Dictyonina sp. Cooper 1942
Paterina sp. Beecher 1891
Micromitra sp. Meek 1873
Anthozoa - Echmatocrinidae
Echmatocrinus sp. Sprinkle 1973
Coeloscleritophora - Chancelloriida - Chancelloriidae
Chancelloria sp. Walcott 1920
Demospongea - Protomonaxonida - Hazeliidae
Hazelia sp. Walcott 1920
Hexactinellida - Reticulosa - Protospongiidae
Protospongia sp. Salter 1864
Heteractinida - Octactinellida - Eiffeliidae
Eiffelia sp. Walcott 1920
Tryblidioidea - Protoconchoididae
Scenella sp. Billings 1872
    = ? Protoconchioides ? rasettii Geyer 1994
Geyer 1994
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Country:Canada State/province:British Columbia
Coordinates: 51.4° North, 116.5° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:3.4° South, 79.5° West
Basis of coordinate:based on political unit
Period:Cambrian Epoch:Middle Cambrian
10 m.y. bin:Cambrian 3
*Period:Middle Cambrian
Key time interval:St Davids Zone: Bathyuriscus - Elrathina
Age range of interval:513.00000 - 501.00000 m.y. ago
* legacy (obsolete) database fields
Stratigraphy comments: "Bathyuriscus-Elrathina zone, middle M. Camb."
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology:black "shale"
Environment:marine indet.
Geology comments: "deep water slope? or basin? (BA6). geosyncline; outer detrital belt"
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Collection methods and comments
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Taxonomic list comments:"S.Conway Morris 1979. The Burgess Shale (Middle Cambrian) fauna. Ann. Rev. Ecol. Syst. 1979 10:327-349. W.H. Fritz, 1969. Geological Setting of the Burgess Shale. Proc. N. Am. Paleont. Conv. 1969 p.1155-1170."
Database number:215
Authorizer:J. Sepkoski, A. Lin, P. Wagner, M. Uhen Enterer:M. Sommers, A. Lin, P. Wagner, M. Uhen
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Reference information

Primary reference:

61174. W. H. Fritz. 1969. Geological Setting of the Burgess Shale. Proceedings of the North American Paleontological Convention 1155-1170 [M. Uhen/J. Ju]

Secondary references:

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