E. D. Cope 1875

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E. D. Cope. 1875. Systematic Catalogue of Vertebrata of the Eocene of New Mexico, Collected in 1874. Geographical Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian, Engineer Department, U. S. Army 5-37 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Carrano]
ID number:  53224
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Modified:  2014-10-24 13:18:56
Publication type:  book
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Comments: 17 April 1875
Taxonomic names (86)
Ambloctonus, Ambloctonus sinosus, Amblyctonus, Amyda cariosa, Amyda radula, Antiacodon crassus, Antiacodon mentalis, Baptemys costilatus, Bathmodon cuspidatus, Bathmodon latidens, Calamodon arcamoenus, Cantius angulatus, Cantius frugivorus, Chriacus angulatus, Coryphodon cuspidatus, Coryphodon latidens, Crocodilus chamensis, Crocodilus elliottii, Crocodilus grypus, Crocodilus sphenops, Crocodilus wheelerii, Crocodylus grypus, Crocodylus wheelerii, Cynodontomys angulatus, Dermatemys costilata, Dermatemys costilatus, Diacodexis chacensis, Diacodon, Diacodon alticuspis, Diacodon celatus, Didymictis, Diplocynodon sphenops, Diplocynodus sphenops, Eohippus angustidens, Eohippus cuspidatus, Eohippus tapirinus, Heptodon singularis, Hyopsodus mentalis, Hyrachyus singularis, Hyracotherium angustidens, Hyracotherium cuspidatum, Hyracotherium singularis, Hyracotherium tapirinum, Hyracotherium tapirinus, Kallistira costilata, Nyctitherium celatum, Opisthotomus, Opisthotomus astutus, Opisthotomus flagrans, Orohippus angustidens, Orohippus cuspidatus, Orohippus tapirinus, Pachynolophus singularis, Pantolestes chacensis, Pelycodus, Pelycodus angulatus, Pelycodus frugivorus, Phenacodus astutus, Plastomenus catenatus, Plastomenus communis, Plastomenus corrugatus, Plastomenus fractus, Plastomenus lachrymalis, Plastomenus leptomitus, Prototomus multicuspis, Prototomus secundarius, Prototomus strenuus, Sarcolemur crassus, Sarcolemur mentalis, Simpsonodus chacensis, Sinopa multicuspis, Sinopa secundaria, Sinopa secundarius, Sinopa strenua, Sinopa strenuus, Stypolophus multicuspis, Stypolophus secundarius, Stypolophus strenuus, Systemodon tapirinus, Tomitherium angulatum, Tomitherium frugivorum, Trigonolestes chacensis, Trionyx cariosus, Trionyx leptomitus, Trionyx radulus, Tritemnodon strenuus
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