S. F. Poropat et al. 2015

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S. F. Poropat, P. D. Mannion, P. Upchurch, S. A. Hocknull, B. P. Kear and D. A. Elliott. 2015. Reassessment of the non-titanosaurian somphospondylan Wintonotitan wattsi (Dinosauria: Sauropoda: Titanosauriformes) from the mid-Cretaceous Winton Formation, Queensland, Australia. Papers in Palaeontology 1(1):59-106 [P. Mannion/P. Mannion/P. Mannion]
ID number:  53484
Created:  2014-11-18 04:26:42
Modified:  2016-11-08 10:30:53
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
DOI:  10.1002/spp2.1004
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'Wintonotitan wattsi belongs to Wintonotitan' according to S. F. Poropat et al. 2015
'Wintonotitan belongs to Somphospondyli' according to S. F. Poropat et al. 2015
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