Recently, users have asked for an update on the relationship between the Paleobiology Database and Fossilworks. Here's a joint reply from the people who steer those entities:

Fossilworks and the PaleobioDB are actively collaborating. We are working to set up a flow of data from PaleoDB to Fossilworks so that data entered on the PaleobioDB site can also be analyzed using Fossilworks' tools.

The establishment of Fossilworks is by mutual agreement. The basic idea is that Fossilworks houses the older, non-essential tools for query and analysis that were developed at UCSB and Macquarie and the PaleobioDB site houses newer tools such as Navigator that are being developed at Wisconsin. This arrangement allows a division of labor and hopefully clarifies who is maintaining and developing what.

We hope this explanation makes matters sufficiently clear, and if anyone has any further questions please feel free to contact any of us directly.

John Alroy for Fossilworks ( Mark D. Uhen and Jocelyn Sessa for the Executive Committee of the Paleobiology Database (

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