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Paleoparadoxia media

Paleoparadoxia media was named by Inuzuka (2005) [This is a reassignment of a partial skeleton commonly referred to as the "Izumi specimen" of Paleoparadoxia tabatai in the literature. Because the holotype of P. tabatai was lost for many years (and subsequently found, see this reference), the Izumi specimen is most often used as the exemplar of P. tabatai, so care must be taken with publications referring to P. tabatai and/or the Izumi specimen, which in most cases prior to this paper are the same thing. Nomenclatural acts arguing against the designation of the Izumi specimen as a new species is anticipated.]. Its type specimen is NSMT PV-5601, a partial skeleton, and it is a 3D body fossil.

Synonymy list
YearName and author
2005Paleoparadoxia media Inuzuka pp. 9-73 figs. 1-76
2014Paleoparadoxia media Fukuchi and Suzuki p. 8

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