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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1992Saghacetus Gingerich
1997Saghacetus McKenna and Bell p. 369
1998Saghacetus Uhen p. 39
2002Saghacetus Sepkoski, Jr.
2002Saghacetus Uhen p. 79
2004Saghacetus Uhen p. 12
2008Saghacetus McLeod and Barnes p. 93
2009Saghacetus Uhen p. 93
2011Saghacetus Martinez-Caceres and Muizon
2013Saghacetus Uhen p. 4 figs. Figure 9
2015Saghacetus Gao and Ni p. 156 figs. Table 1
2016Saghacetus Marx et al. p. 101
2016Saghacetus Uhen

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