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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1981Pakicetus Gingerich and Russell
1988Pakicetus Carroll
1990Pakicetus Gingerich and Russell p. 17
1993Pakicetus Benton p. 761
1996Pakicetus Thewissen et al. p. 71 figs. Figure 31
1997Pakicetus McKenna and Bell p. 370
1998Pakicetus Thewissen and Hussain p. 231
2001Pakicetus Thewissen et al. p. 277
2003Pakicetus Geisler and Sanders p. 27
2006Pakicetus Clementz et al. p. 359
2008Pakicetus McLeod and Barnes p. 92
2009Pakicetus Cooper et al. p. 1291
2010Pakicetus Uhen p. 199
2012Pakicetus Gingerich p. 313 figs. Figure 4
2014Pakicetus Gingerich and Cappetta p. 128 figs. Figure 16
2015Pakicetus Gao and Ni p. 156 figs. Table 1
2016Pakicetus Marx et al. p. 98

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