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Saghacetus osiris

Zeuglodon osiris was named by Dames (1894) [Berlin 16, MNB = Musem für Naturkende der Humboldt-Universität]. Its type specimen is MNB 28388, a mandible, and it is a 3D body fossil. Its type locality is Zeuglodonberg, which is in a Priabonian lagoonal claystone/limestone in the Qasr el-Sagha Formation of Egypt. It is the type species of Saghacetus.

It was recombined as Basilosaurus osiris by Trouessart (1904); it was recombined as Dorudon osiris by Kellogg (1936); it was recombined as Saghacetus osiris by Gingerich (1992), Uhen (1998), Uhen (2002), Uhen (2004), McLeod and Barnes (2008), Gingerich (2008), Uhen (2009) and Uhen (2016).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1894Zeuglodon osiris Dames p. 18
1898Zeuglodon osiris Trouessart p. 1010
1903Zeuglodon zitteli Stromer p. 82
1904Basilosaurus osiris Trouessart p. 753
1906Zeuglodon osiris Andrews p. 236
1908Zeuglodon osiris Stromer p. 5
1914Zeuglodon osiris Abel p. 220
1914Zeuglodon zitteli Abel p. 220
1923Zeuglodon sensitivus Dart p. 618
1923Zeuglodon elliotsmithii Dart p. 625
1925Zeuglodon osiris Zittel p. 85
1925Zeuglodon zitteli Zittel p. 85
1936Dorudon osiris Kellogg p. 184
1936Dorudon zitteli Kellogg p. 212
1936Dorudon elliotsmithii Kellogg p. 220
1936Dorudon sensitivus Kellogg p. 221
1992Saghacetus osiris Gingerich p. 73
1998Saghacetus osiris Uhen p. 39
2002Saghacetus osiris Uhen p. 79
2004Saghacetus osiris Uhen p. 12
2008Saghacetus osiris Gingerich p. 109 figs. Table 1
2008Saghacetus osiris McLeod and Barnes p. 93
2009Saghacetus osiris Uhen p. 93
2016Saghacetus osiris Uhen

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