L051. 'Kurrajong Park', north of Gunningbland (Ordovician to of Australia)

Also known as L51. Currajong Park. Was: Gunningbland-Forbes Goonumbla Slope Community, New South Wales, Australia

Where: New South Wales, Australia (33.0° S, 147.9° E: paleocoordinates 15.7° N, 176.0° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Oulodus velicuspis conodont zone, Gunningbland Member (Goonumbla Volcanics Formation), Eastonian to Eastonian (456.1 - 449.5 Ma)

• Tuffaceous Sandstone Bed.

•Ea3 according to Percival et al. (2008).

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: submarine fan; lithified shale and lithified, tuffaceous sandstone

• Graptolitic shales with tuffaceous sandstone turbidites
• Tuffaceous Sandstone

Size class: macrofossils

Preservation: cast, mold/impression

Primary reference: I. G. Percival. 1978. Inarticulate brachiopods from the Late Ordovician of New South Wales and their paleoecological significance. Alcheringa 2(1-2):117-141 [A. Miller/P. Novack-Gottshall/J. Alroy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 2661: authorized by Arnold Miller, entered by Phil Novack-Gottshall on 14.07.1999, edited by Pete Wagner

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Initially a composite of multiple lists for multiple localities. PJW uses L51 because that is the most diverse list with this fauna.
 Asaphida - Trinucleidae
Parkesolithus sp. Campbell and Durham 1970 trilobite
 Strophomenida - Sowerbyellidae
Sowerbyella anticipata n. sp.1 Percival 1979
Need PMPD#-Percival, 1979.
Gunningblandella resupinata n. sp.2 Percival 1979
Need PMPD#-Percival, 1979b.
 Strophomenida - Aegiromenidae
Sericoidea sp. Lindström 1953
 Strophomenida - Leptestiidae
"Sowerbyites vesciseptus n. sp." = Bilobia vesciseptus2
"Sowerbyites vesciseptus n. sp." = Bilobia vesciseptus2 Percival 1979
Need PMPD#-Percival, 1979b.
 Strophomenida - Anoptambonitidae
Anoptambonitidae indet. Roomusoks 1963
 Strophomenida - Hesperomenidae
Kassinella anisa n. sp.2 Percival 1979
Need PMPD#-Percival, 1979b.
 Strophomenida - Leptellinidae
aff. Leptellina sp.1 Ulrich and Cooper 1936
Need PMPD#-Percival, 1979.
 Strophomenida - Rafinesquinidae
Testaprica rhodesi n. gen. n. sp.3
Testaprica rhodesi n. gen. n. sp.3 Percival 2009
 Strophomenida - Glyptomenidae
? Platymena sp.3 Cooper 1956
 Strophomenida - Strophomenidae
Infurca tessellata n. gen. n. sp.1 Percival 1979
Need PMPD#-Percival, 1979.
? Oepikina sp.1 Salmon 1942
Need PMPD#-Percival, 1979.
 Orthida - Plectorthidae
Doleroides sp.1 Cooper 1930
Need PMPD#-Percival, 1979.
 Orthida - Giraldiellidae
Scaphorthis sp.1 Cooper 1956
Need PMPD#-Percival, 1979.
 Lingulida - Obolidae
Elliptoglossa sp. Cooper 1956
Casquella bifida n. gen. n. sp.
Anomaloglossa sp.
originally entered as "Anomaglossa sp."
 Lingulida - Paterulidae
Paterula sp. Barrande 1879
Cephalopoda indet. Cuvier 1797
 Orthocerida - Baltoceratidae
Bactroceras sp. Holm 1898
 Tarphycerida -
Porifera indet. Grant 1836
 Agelasida - Cliefdenellidae
Cliefdenella sp. Webby 1969 demosponge
 Auloporida - Auloporidae
Aulopora sp. Goldfuss 1829 tabulate coral
 Heliolitida - Plasmoporellidae
Plasmoporella sp. Kiaer 1899 tabulate coral
 Stauriida - Stauriidae
Palaeophyllum sp. Billings 1858 horn coral
Favistina sp. Flower 1961 horn coral
 Stauriida - Streptelasmatidae
? Streptelasma sp. Hall 1847 horn coral
originally entered as "Streptelasma? sp."