University of New South Wales collection L.53, Greenhills (Carboniferous of Australia)

Where: New South Wales, Australia (32.5° S, 151.7° E: paleocoordinates 44.9° S, 153.1° E)

• coordinate based on political unit

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Visean (346.7 - 330.9 Ma)

• Age: "Middle Visean (Cu III-alpha)". The particular group or formation that this locality belongs us unclear. The regional stratigraphic relationships are obscured by laterally rapid facies changes and structural complexity.

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: marine; lithified, gray siltstone and lithified, coarse-grained sandstone

• There is no written description of the L.53 lithologies in Roberts (1964), only a generalized strat section (fig. 2). L.53 consists of two fossiliferous horizons seperated by a vertical distance of approximately 5 feet. The lower horizon is in a unit of "darkgrey fossiliferous siltsonte", the upper horizone is in "coarse fossiliferous sandstone".

Collection methods: specimens reposited at the University of New South Wales.

Primary reference: J. Roberts. 1964. Lower Carboniferous brachiopods from Greenhills, New South Wales. Journal of the Geological Soceity of Australia 10:173-194 [N. Heim/N. Heim]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 62638: authorized by Noel Heim, entered by Noel Heim on 24.07.2006

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Proetida - Proetidae
 Tentaculitida - Tentaculitidae
Tentaculites sp. von Schlotheim 1820
 Productida - Echinoconchidae
 Productida - Productellidae
 Productida - Productidae
 Productida - Linoproductidae
 Productida - Rugosochonetidae
 Orthotetida - Schuchertellidae
 Orthotetida - Orthotetidae
Werriea australis Campbell 1957
 Strophomenida - Rafinesquinidae
Leptagonia cf. analoga Phillips 1836
 Athyridida - Athyrididae
 Terebratulida - Dielasmatidae
 Spiriferinida - Syringothyrididae
 Spiriferida - Strophopleuridae
 Spiriferida - Spiriferidae
 Spiriferida - Brachythyrididae
 Spiriferida - Elythidae
 Rhynchonellida - Camarotoechiidae
"Camarotoechia" sp. Hall and Clarke 1893
 Rhynchonellida - Stenoscismatidae
 Orthida - Schizophoriidae
 Orthida - Rhipidomellidae
 Pectinida - Entoliidae
 Pectinida - Aviculopectinidae
Aviculopecten sp. M'Coy 1851 scallop
 Pectinida - Heteropectinidae
? Girtypecten sp. Newell 1938 scallop
 Euomphalina - Euomphalidae
Euomphalus sp. Sowerby 1814 snail
 Euomphalina - Platyceratidae
Platyceras sp. Conrad 1840 snail
 Fenestrida - Fenestellidae
 Fenestrata -
 Cystoporida - Goniocladiidae
Goniocladia laxa Bassler 1929
 Cystoporida - Hexagonellidae
 Cystoporida - Fistuliporidae
 Cryptostomata - Hyphasmoporidae
 Conulariida - Conulariidae
Conularia sp. jellyfish