Station 110B [Ndalithoni Limestone] (Pliocene of Fiji)

Where: Fiji (17.2° S, 179.0° E: paleocoordinates 19.2° S, 178.7° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Ndalithoni Limestone Formation, Pliocene (5.3 - 2.6 Ma)

• STRATIGRAPHIC RELATIONS: From Ndalithoni Limestone, which overlies the Koro Mbasanga volcanics (?Late Miocene) and is overlain by Recent alluvium and beach sands. AGE: Pliocene according to Ladd (1945), and stage "h" of Van der Vlerk. Assigned to a Pliocene age, although Ladd's assignment is founded on lyelian percentages. STRATIGRAPHIC POSITION: Unknown position within unit.

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: poorly lithified, shelly/skeletal, calcareous conglomerate

• ENVIRONMENT: Unknown environment, though presumably shallow water carbonate.
• SPECIFIC LITHOLOGY: Conglomerate. Otherwise unknown lithology, though from limestone unit. LITHIFICATION: Presumed poorly lithified, given young age and extreme diversity relative to other underlying limestone units.

Size class: macrofossils

Collection methods: COLLECTOR: H.S. Ladd and E.J. Hoffmeister, presumably with others. REPOSITORY: Unknown, possibly the Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii, or the USNM.

Primary reference: H. S. Ladd and J. E. Hoffmeister. 1945. Geology of Lau, Fiji. Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin 181 [A. Hendy/A. Hendy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: biostratigraphic analysis

PaleoDB collection 68180: authorized by Austin Hendy, entered by Austin Hendy on 07.01.2007

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• COMPLETENESS: Exhaustive for echinoidea, gastropoda, bivalvia, bryozoa, brachiopoda, and decapoda. NOMENCLATURE: Authoritative publication, although somewhat antiquated. Regular use of subgenera and species level identifications. Nomenclature vetted by A. Hendy (1/2007).
 Decapoda - Palinuridae
Archaeocarabus vanuaensis Rathbun 1945 spiny lobster
 Decapoda - Paguridae
Dardanus laensis hermit crab
 Decapoda - Porcellanidae
Petrolisthes lauensis Rathbun 1945 decapod
 Decapoda -
Daira perlata Herbst 1790 crab
 Decapoda - Raninidae
Ranina elegans Rathbun 1945 crab
 Decapoda - Xanthidae
Cycloxanthops eous Rathbun 1945 stone crab
Medaeus mbalavuensis Rathbun 1945 stone crab
 Decapoda - Epialtidae
Libinia mbalavuensis Rathbun 1945 crab
 Arcida - Arcidae
"Navicula vitiensis" = Arca, "Barbatia (Barbatia) cf. fusca" = Barbatia (Ustularca) fusca
"Navicula vitiensis" = Arca ark
"Barbatia (Barbatia) cf. fusca" = Barbatia (Ustularca) fusca Bruguiére 1792 clam
 Pectinida - Pectinoidae
Spondylus barbatus, "Pecten (Chlamys) lauensis" = Laevichlamys lauensis
Spondylus barbatus Reeve 1856 scallop
"Pecten (Chlamys) lauensis" = Laevichlamys lauensis Ladd 1945 scallop
 Pectinida - Limidae
 Ostreida - Ostreidae
 Cardiida - Chamidae
Chama sp. Linnaeus 1758 jewel box
 Ptenoglossa - Fasciolariidae
 Neritoina - Neritopsidae
"Neritopsis radula" = Neritopsis radula, "Neritopsis (Neritopsis) radula" = Neritopsis radula1
"Neritopsis radula" = Neritopsis radula Linnaeus 1758 snail
"Neritopsis (Neritopsis) radula" = Neritopsis radula1 Linnaeus 1758 snail
 Patellogastropoda - Nacellidae
"Helcioniscus aff. sagittata" = Cellana sagittata, "Cellana aff. sagittata" = Cellana sagittata1
"Helcioniscus aff. sagittata" = Cellana sagittata Ladd 1945 limpet
"Cellana aff. sagittata" = Cellana sagittata1 Ladd 1945 limpet
 Cephalaspidea - Bullidae
 Triphoroidea - Triphoridae
"Triphora (Inella) roddai" = Inella2
"Triphora (Inella) roddai" = Inella2 snail
 Architaenioglossa - Ampullinidae
"Pachycrommium stockwelli" = Pachycrommium harrisi3
"Pachycrommium stockwelli" = Pachycrommium harrisi3 Pannekoek 1936 snail
 Cerithiacea - Thiaridae
 Neogastropoda - Olividae
Oliva cf. guttata olive snail
 Neogastropoda - Columbellidae
 Neogastropoda - Mitridae
 Neogastropoda - Costellariidae
 Mesogastropoda - Strombidae
"Strombus (Canarium) mutabilis" = Canarium mutabile2
"Strombus (Canarium) mutabilis" = Canarium mutabile2 Swainson 1821 true conch
 Mesogastropoda - Naticidae
Natica (Natica) sp. Scopoli 1777 moon snail
 Vanikoroidea - Hipponicidae
Cheilea equestris2 Linnaeus 1758 hoof shell
Hipponix (Sabia) conicus2 Schumacher 1817 hoof shell
 Velutinoidea - Triviidae
 Cypraeoidea - Cypraeidae
"Cypraea (Talparia) isabella" = Luria isabella, Cypraea (Cypraea) sp., Cypraea (Staphylaea) nucleus3, Cypraea (Erosaria) helvola3, "Cypraea (Erosaria) cf. eburnea" = Erosaria eburnea, Cypraea (Erronea) mbalavuensis3, "Cypraea (Cribraria) sp." = Erronea (Cribraria)3
"Cypraea (Talparia) isabella" = Luria isabella Linnaeus 1758 Isabell cowry
SUBSPECIES: C. (T.) isabella lekalekana
Cypraea (Cypraea) sp. Linnaeus 1758 cowry
Cypraea (Staphylaea) nucleus3 Linnaeus 1758 cowry
Cypraea (Erosaria) helvola3 Linnaeus 1758 cowry
"Cypraea (Erosaria) cf. eburnea" = Erosaria eburnea Barnes 1824 Ivory Cowry
"Cypraea (Cribraria) sp." = Erronea (Cribraria)3 Jousseaume 1884 cowry
 Vermetoidea - Vermetidae
Serpulorbis sp.2 Sasso 1827 worm shell
Lemintina sp. Risso 1826 worm shell
 Rissooidea - Rissoidae
 Sorbeoconcha - Siliquariidae
"Siliquaria sp." = Tenagodus, Tenagodus (Tenagodus) sp.2
"Siliquaria sp." = Tenagodus Guettard 1770 snail
Tenagodus (Tenagodus) sp.2 Guettard 1770 snail
 Neritoidea - Neritidae
 Pyramidelloidea - Pyramidellidae
 Fissurelloidea - Fissurellidae
Hemitoma (Hemitoma) sp.1 Swainson 1840 snail
 Trochoidea - Trochidae
Trochus (Trochus) sp. Linnaeus 1758 top snail
"Euchelus (Hybochelus) kavoricus" = Hybochelus kavoricus Ladd 1945 top snail
"Hybochelus kavoricus" = Hybochelus kavoricus1 Ladd 1945 top snail
Clanculus (Clanculus) clanguloides Wood 1828 top snail
SUBSPECIES: C. (C.) clanguloides fijiensis
"Sinum lekalekanum" = Synaptocochlea lekalekanum Ladd 1945 top snail
Pseudostomatella (Pseudostomatella) maculata1 Quoy and Gaimard 1834 top snail
 Neoloricata - Chitonidae
"Lucilina "sp. B"" = Tonicia (Lucilina)1
"Lucilina "sp. B"" = Tonicia (Lucilina)1 Dall 1882 chiton
 Cidaroida - Cidaridae
 Echinoida -
 Camarodonta - Echinometridae
Heterocentrotus sp. Brandt 1835 sea urchin