Yagou Ravine (Oligocene of China)

Where: Gansu, China (35.7° N, 103.4° E: paleocoordinates 34.9° N, 97.5° E)

• coordinate based on political unit

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Jiaozigou Formation, Late/Upper Oligocene (28.4 - 23.0 Ma)

• "lower part" of the formation; shown on stratigraphic section of Qiu et al. 2004b as coming from a part of a single sandstone bed no more than 20 m thick

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: terrestrial; sandstone

• sandstone (Qiu et al. 2004b)

Size class: macrofossils

Collected in 2002; reposited in the IVPP

• fossils purchased from "a local dragonbone dealer in the Hezheng County," and provenance later confirmed by "geologic work"

Primary reference: Z.-X. Qiu, B.-Y. Wang, and T. Deng. 2004. Indricotheres (Perissodactyla, Mammalia) from Oligocene in Linxia Basin, Gansu, China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 42(3):177-192 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/J. Alroy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 71433: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 25.04.2007

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• provenance of proboscidean material from nearby Jiaozugou ravine questioned because further material was not found in either locality
 Rodentia - Bathyergidae
Tsaganomys altaicus Matthew and Granger 1923 mole rat
 Perissodactyla - Chalicotheriidae
Schizotherium ordosium Hu 1959 chalicothere
 Perissodactyla - Paraceratheriidae
"Dzungariotherium orgosense" = Dzungariotherium orgosensis, "Paraceratherium yagouense n. sp." = Turpanotherium yagouense
"Dzungariotherium orgosense" = Dzungariotherium orgosensis Chiu 1973 odd-toed ungulate
IVPP V 13571, 13807-13819 and 13862
"Paraceratherium yagouense n. sp." = Turpanotherium yagouense Qiu et al. 2004 odd-toed ungulate
IVPP V 13820 - type; referred material: IVPP V 13821
 Perissodactyla - Hyracodontidae
Hyracodontidae indet. Cope 1879 odd-toed ungulate
Ardynia sp. Matthew and Granger 1923 odd-toed ungulate
Ardynia altidentata n. sp. Qiu et al. 2004 odd-toed ungulate
 Perissodactyla - Rhinocerotidae
Aprotodon lanzhouensis Qiu and Xie 1997 rhinoceros
 Hyaenodonta - Hyaenodontidae
Megalopterodon sp. Dashzeveg 1964 eutherian
 Artiodactyla - Entelodontidae
"Paraentelodon cf. macrognathus" = Paraentelodon intermedium
"Paraentelodon cf. macrognathus" = Paraentelodon intermedium Gabunia 1964 even-toed ungulate