Thecia swinderniana-Laceripora cribrosa Comm.,W.Khatanzeya Fm.,Nov.Zemlya (Silurian of Russian Federation)

Where: Russian Federation (71.0° N, 58.0° E: paleocoordinates 4.0° N, 1.5° W)

• coordinate estimated from map

• basin-level geographic resolution

When: West Khatanzeya Formation, Ludlow (427.4 - 423.0 Ma)

• formation-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: marine; dolomitic, shelly/skeletal, gray wackestone and dolomitic, shelly/skeletal, gray grainstone

• "Skeletal material buried in near life position, except for sorted crinoidal grains. Environment interpreted as one of shallow water, granular sediments deposited in BA 3 within moderately agitated water. Pentameroids, such as Conchidium [which occurs herein] are largely restricted elsewhere to BA 3, and the thinly laminated nature of the sediments indicates a low level of turbulence."
• "Occurs in dark-gray, finely laminated wackestones and grainstone, locally dolomitized and recrystallized, containing diverse skeletal fossils.

Primary reference: L. V. Nekhorosheva and D. K. Patrunov. 1999. The chief Wenlockian-Lochkovian benthic communities of the Vaigach to southern Novaya Zemlya region. In A. J. Boucot and J. D. Lawson (eds.), Paleocommunities--a case study from the Silurian and Lower Devonian 488-495 [M. Foote/M. Foote/M. Foote]more details

Purpose of describing collection: paleoecologic analysis

PaleoDB collection 23638: authorized by Michael Foote, entered by Michael Foote on 18.07.2002

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Platycopida - Cavellinidae
Cavellina sp. ostracod
 Leperditicopida - Leperditiidae
Schrenckia sp. Glebovskaia ostracod
 Leperditicopida -
Herrmannina sp. Kegel 1933 ostracod
Kiaeria sp. Stormer 1934 ostracod
 Athyridida - Athyrididae
Didymothyris sp. Rubel and Modzalevskaya 1967
 Pentamerida - Subrianidae
Conchidium sp. Oehlert 1887
 Atrypida - Lissatrypidae
Atrypoidea sp. Mitchell and Dun 1920
 Trepostomata -
"Lioclema sp." = Leioclema
"Lioclema sp." = Leioclema Ulrich 1882
Crinoidea indet. Miller 1821 Sea lily
scattered debris
 Stromatoporoidea -
 Actinostromatida - Pseudolabechiidae
Pseudolabechia sp. Yabe and Sugiyama
 Actinostromatida - Actinostromatidae
Plectostroma sp. Nestor 1964
 Stromatoporellida - Stromatoporellidae
Simplexodictyon sp. Bogoyavlenskaya 1965
 Clathrodictyida - Clathrodictyidae
Clathrodictyon sp. Nicholson and Murie 1878
 Auloporida - Syringoporidae
Syringopora sp. Goldfuss 1826 tabulate coral
 Favositida - Pachyporidae
Striatopora sp. Hall 1851 tabulate coral
 Favositida - Parastriatoporidae
Parastriatopora sp. Sokolov 1949 tabulate coral
 Favositida - Theciidae
Thecia swinderniana Goldfuss 1829 tabulate coral
Laceripora cribrosa tabulate coral
 Stauriida - Entelophyllidae
"Entelophyllum sp." = Entelophyllum, "Stereoxylodes sp." = Entelophyllum
"Entelophyllum sp." = Entelophyllum Wedekind 1927 horn coral
"Stereoxylodes sp." = Entelophyllum Wedekind 1927 horn coral