2.5 mi N of Formosa, highway road cut (Devonian of Canada)

Also known as Fagerstrom #6

Where: Ontario, Canada (44.0° N, 81.3° W: paleocoordinates 37.0° S, 27.7° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Formosa Reef Limestone Member (Amherstburg Formation), Eifelian (393.3 - 387.7 Ma)

• "This outcrop has been designated the type section of the Formosa Reef Limestone and has previously been described and illustrated by Stauffer (1915) under the name "Bruder's lime kiln." The present owner of the property adjacent to the road cut, Wm. E. Merchant...said that...the land had never been owned or leased by anyone named Bruder nor had anyone by that name ever operated a quarry or lime kiln at this locality. [From] Stauffer's photograph...[the writer was able to locate landmarks, thus this is the same spot]...Stumm (1951)...[called the place Marchand Quarry]...the name must have arisen by confusion [with Merchant's name]."

•JA: originally entered as Emsian, but the Formosa Reef Limestone is Eifelian (see Edinger et al. 2002)

• member-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: reef, buildup or bioherm; lithified, gray reef rocks and lime mudstone

• "The bulk of the reef comprises poorly bedded stromatoporoidal boundstone and minor coralline boundstone in a matrix of lime mudstone and wackestone. [Ludvigsen, 1986]."

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Primary reference: J. A. Fagerstrom. 1961. The fauna of the Middle Devonian Formosa Reef Limestone of southwestern Ontario. Journal of Paleontology 35(1):1-48 [J. Alroy/M. Sommers/J. Alroy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 3845: authorized by John Alroy, entered by Mike Sommers on 10.08.1999, edited by Melanie Hopkins and Pete Wagner

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

? Mourlounia sp.
originally entered as "? Portlockiella sp."
 Aulacopleurida - Aulacopleuridae
Harpidella sp.1 McCoy 1849 trilobite
 Aulacopleurida - Brachymetopidae
Mystrocephala stummi trilobite
n. sp.
 Proetida - Proetidae
Proetus (Crassiproetus) crassimarginatus Hall 1843 trilobite
subgn. (Crassiproetus)
Crassiproetus crassimarginatus1 Hall 1843 trilobite
was: Proetus (Crassiproetus), ssp. brevispinosus, n. ssp.
Dechenella (Basidechenella) formosensis trilobite
subgn. (Basidechenella)
Mannopyge halli1 trilobite
gen. nov.; was: Dechenella (Dechenella) ? halli
 Lichida - Lichidae
Acanthopyge contusa1 trilobite
was Echinolichas parallelobatus n. sp.
Echinolichas parallelobatus n. sp. Fagerstrom 1961 trilobite
 Productida - Productellidae
 Orthotetida - Schuchertellidae
 Strophomenida - Douvillinidae
Cymostrophia sp. Caster 1939
sp. A
 Strophomenida - Leptostrophiidae
"Rhytistrophia cooperi" = Leptostrophia (Rhytistrophia)
"Rhytistrophia cooperi" = Leptostrophia (Rhytistrophia)
n. sp.
 Strophomenida - Strophodontidae
"Strophodonta homolostriata" = Strophomena (Strophodonta)
Megastrophia sp. Caster 1939
sp. B
Megastrophia (Megastrophia) proxicostellata
subgn. (Megastrophia); n. sp.
 Athyridida - Meristidae
 Athyridida - Meristellidae
 Athyridida - Athyrididae
 Terebratulida - Cryptonellidae
 Terebratulida - Cranaenidae
 Spiriferida - Spiriferidae
Spirifer "sp. A" Sowerby 1818
Spirifer "sp. B" Sowerby 1818
 Spiriferida - Ambocoeliidae
 Spiriferida - Cyrtinopsidae
 Spiriferida - Hysterolitidae
 Spiriferida - Elythidae
"Elytha formosensis n. sp." = Elita
"Elytha formosensis n. sp." = Elita
 Pentamerida - Clorindidae
 Atrypida - Atrypidae
Atrypa "sp. A" Dalman 1828
Atrypa "sp. B" Dalman 1828
 Rhynchonellida - Camarotoechiidae
 Rhynchonellida - Stenoscismatidae
Stenoscisma sp., "Stenoscisma rhomboidalis" = Atribonium rhomboidale, "Stenoscisma halli n. sp." = Atribonium halli
Stenoscisma sp. Conrad 1839
"Stenoscisma rhomboidalis" = Atribonium rhomboidale Fagerstrom 1961
"Stenoscisma halli n. sp." = Atribonium halli Fagerstrom 1961
 Orthida - Schizophoriidae
 Mimospirida - Clisospiridae
? Procrucibulum sp. Perner 1903
 Conocardiida - Hippocardiidae
"Conocardium ohioense" = Hippocardia ohioense, "Conocardium cuneus" = Hoareicardia cunea
"Conocardium ohioense" = Hippocardia ohioense Meek 1871
"Conocardium cuneus" = Hoareicardia cunea Conrad 1840
 Conocardiida - Bransoniidae
Mulceodens ? sibleyense2 La Rocque 1950
?Mulceodens sibleyense
 Pectinida - Pterinopectinidae
 Mytilida - Mytilidae
? Mytilidae indet. Rafinesque 1815 mussel
Genus A sp. A - originally entered as "? Mytilidae indet."
 Cardiidia - Sanguinolitidae
Sanguinolites sp. M'Coy 1844 clam
 Streptoneura -
Archaeogastropoda sp. Thiele 1925 snail
was Pleurotomaria; PJW3 [entered as Archaeogastropod sp.]
 Euomphalina - Euomphalidae
"Straparolus minutilineatus n. sp." = Straparollus
"Straparolus minutilineatus n. sp." = Straparollus snail
 Euomphalina - Elasmonematidae
"Elasmonema bellatulum" = Elasmonema bellatula
"Elasmonema bellatulum" = Elasmonema bellatula Hall 1861 snail
 Euomphalina - Platyceratidae
"Platyceras dumosum" = Spinyplatyceras dumosum Conrad 1840 snail
cf. rarispinum
Platyceras sp. Conrad 1840 snail
Platyceras cf. ammon Hall 1862 snail
Platyceras cf. erectum Hall 1843 snail
Platyceras carinatum Hall 1862 snail
 Bellerophontida -
""Bellerophontoidea" indet." = Bellerophontoidea2
""Bellerophontoidea" indet." = Bellerophontoidea2 M'Coy 1851 snail
 Murchisoniina - Gosseletinidae
"Mourlonia confertinemilata n. sp." = Pleurorima confertinemilata
"Mourlonia confertinemilata n. sp." = Pleurorima confertinemilata Fagerstrom 1961 snail
 Murchisoniina -
Murchisonioidea indet.2 Koken 1896 snail
 Murchisoniina - Hormotomidae
"Murchisonia (Hormotomina) linsleyi n. sp." = Hormotomina linsleyi
"Murchisonia (Hormotomina) linsleyi n. sp." = Hormotomina linsleyi Fagerstrom 1961 snail
 Orthocerida - Dawsonoceratidae
 Nautilida - Rutoceratidae
 Oncocerida - Brevicoceratidae
? Exocyrtoceras sp. Flower 1938
Exocyrtoceras minutum Flower 1945
 Fenestrida - Fenestellidae
Fenestella cf. parallela
originally entered as "Fenestella cf. parallela"
 Fenestrida - Polyporidae
 Fenestrata -
 Cystoporida - Sulcoreteporidae
? Sulcoretepora sp.
originally entered as "? Sulcoretepora sp."
 Cystoporida - Fistuliporidae
Fistulipora sp. McCoy 1850
 Stromatoporida - Stromatoporidae
 Syringostromatida - Syringostromatidae
 Stromatoporellida - Stromatoporellidae
 Clathrodictyida - Tienodictyidae
Anostylostroma arvense
ssp. densilaminatum, n. ssp.
 Auloporida - Syringoporidae
Syringopora hisingeri tabulate coral
 Favositida - Favositidae
Emmonsia emmonsi tabulate coral
Emmonsia cf. bacula tabulate coral
originally entered as "Emmonsia cf. bacula"
Emmonsia radiciformis tabulate coral
Emmonsia cf. rectangularis tabulate coral
originally entered as "Emmonsia cf. rectangularis"
Favosites goldfussi Lecompte 1939 tabulate coral
 Favositida - Pachyporidae
Thamnopora limitaris tabulate coral
Cladopora cryptodens tabulate coral
Cladopora labiosa tabulate coral
? Cladopora sp. Hall 1851 tabulate coral
originally entered as "? Cladopora sp."
 Cystiphyllida - Cystiphyllidae
Cystiphylloides sp. Chapman 1893 horn coral
 Stauriida - Stauriidae
? Placophyllum sp. Simpson 1900 horn coral
originally entered as "? Placophyllum sp."
 Stauriida - Pycnostylidae
Depasophyllum cf. adnetum horn coral
originally entered as "Depasophyllum cf. adnetum"
? Depasophyllum sp. Grabau 1936 horn coral
originally entered as "? Depasophyllum sp."
 Stauriida - Amplexidae
? Heterophrentis sp. Billings 1875 horn coral
originally entered as "? Heterophrentis sp."
 Stauriida - Disphyllidae
Disphyllum sp. Fromentel 1861 horn coral
sp. A
Disphyllum sp. Fromentel 1861 horn coral
sp. B
 Stauriida - Halliidae
Blothrophyllum sp. Billings 1859 horn coral
 Stauriida - Zaphrentidae
Heliophyllum cf. incrassatum horn coral
originally entered as "Heliophyllum cf. incrassatum"
Heliophyllum cf. verticale horn coral
originally entered as "Heliophyllum cf. verticale"
Heliophyllum sp. Hall 1846 horn coral
 Stauriida - Eridophyllidae
Eridophyllum seriale Milne-Edwards and Haime 1850 horn coral
Cylindrophyllum cf. elongatum horn coral
originally entered as "Cylindrophyllum cf. elongatum"
Cylindrophyllum cf. propinquum horn coral
originally entered as "Cylindrophyllum cf. propinquum"
Acinophyllum mclareni horn coral
n. sp.