Cathedral Cave (Pleistocene of Australia)

Also known as Wellington Caves

Where: New South Wales, Australia (32.6° S, 148.9° E: paleocoordinates 33.3° S, 148.8° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

When: Pleistocene (2.6 - 0.0 Ma)

• post-Tertiary

Environment/lithology: cave; lithology not reported

Size class: macrofossils

Preservation: original phosphate

Primary reference: L. Dawson. 1985. Marsupial fossils from Wellington Caves, New South Wales; the historic and scientific significance of the collections in the Australian Museum, Sydney. Records of the Australian Museum 37(2):55-69 [M. Uhen/M. Uhen]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 96015: authorized by Mark Uhen, entered by Mark Uhen on 06.05.2010, edited by Albert Garcia Selles and Nicholas Visalden

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Carnivora - Herpestidae
"Onychogale sp." = Herpestes1
"Onychogale sp." = Herpestes1 Illliger 1811 mongoose
 Chiroptera - Megadermatidae
Macroderma gigas1 false vampire
 Rodentia - Muridae
Mastacomys fuscus1 broad-toothed rat
Hydromys sp.1 Geoffroy 1804 mouse
 Rodentia -
Conilurus albipes1 rabbit rat
 Dasyuromorphia - Thylacinidae
Thylacinus cynocephalus Harris 1808 thylacine
 Dasyuromorphia - Dasyuridae
Sarcophilus harrisii1 Boitard 1841 Tasmanian devil
Dasyurus geoffroii1 Gould 1840 Western quoll
Dasyurus hallucatus1 Gould 1842 Northern quoll
Dasyurus viverrinus1 Shaw 1800 eastern quoll
Sminthopsis sp.1 Thomas 1887 dunnart
Sminthopsis crassicaudata1 Gould 1844 fat-tailed dunnart
Sminthopsis cf. murina Waterhouse 1837 Slender-tailed dunnart
Sminthopsis murina1 Waterhouse 1837 Slender-tailed dunnart
Phascogale calura1 Gould 1844 Red-tailed phascogale
Phascogale tapoatafa1 Meyer 1793 brush-tailed phascogale
Antechinus cf. flavipes Waterhouse 1838 Yellow-footed antechinus
or A. stuartii
Antechinus (cf. Antechincus) flavipes1 Waterhouse 1838 Yellow-footed antechinus
 Diprotodontia - Phascolarctidae
Phascolarctos sp.1 de Blainville 1816 koala
 Diprotodontia - Vombatidae
Vombatus sp.1 Saint-Hillaire 1803 common wombat
 Diprotodontia - Diprotodontidae
Diprotodon sp.1 Owen 1838 diprotodont marsupial
 Diprotodontia - Thylacoleonidae
Thylacoleo carnifex Owen 1859 diprotodont marsupial
 Diprotodontia - Potoroidae
Bettongia sp.1 Gray 1837 bettong
Aepyprymnus rufescens Gray 1837 rufous rat-kangaroo
 Diprotodontia - Macropodidae
Macropus sp.1 Shaw 1790 kangaroo
subspecies osphranter
"Macropus ferragus" = Macropus (Macropus) ferragus1 Owen 1874 kangaroo
"Macropus giganteus" = Macropus (Macropus) giganteus Shaw 1790 eastern grey kangaroo
subspecies titan
"Macropus titan" = Macropus (Macropus) giganteus1 Shaw 1790 eastern grey kangaroo
"Petrogale sp." = Macropus (Petrogale)1 Gray 1837 rock wallaby
"Macropus altus" = Macropus (Osphranter) robustus altus1 Owen 1874 eastern wallaroo
Macropus cf. dorsalis1 Gray 1837 black-striped wallaby
"Macropus cf. agilis" = Macropus (Notamacropus) agilis1 Gould 1842 agile wallaby
Thylogale sp.1 Gray 1837 pademelon
Protemnodon sp.1 Owen 1874 kangaroo
Protemnodon brehus Owen 1874 kangaroo
 Diprotodontia -
Troposodon minor Owen 1877 short-faced kangaroo
Simosthenurus oreas1 short-faced kangaroo
Simosthenurus maddocki2 Wells and Murray 1979 short-faced kangaroo
Sthenurus andersoni2 Marcus 1962 short-faced kangaroo
 Diprotodontia - Phalangeridae
Trichosurus sp.1 Lesson 1828 brushtail possum
Trichosurus cf. vulpecula Kerr 1792 common brushtail possum
 Diprotodontia - Petauridae
Petaurus cf. breviceps1 Waterhouse 1839 sugar glider
 Diprotodontia - Acrobatidae
Acrobates pygmaeus1 Shaw 1794 feathertail glider
 Peramelemorphia - Peramelidae
Isoodon obesulus1 Shaw 1797 short-nosed bandicoot
Perameles cf. nasuta Geoffroy 1804 long-nosed bandicoot
Perameles nasuta1 Geoffroy 1804 long-nosed bandicoot
Perameles gunnii1 Gray 1838 eastern barred bandicoot
 Squamata - Varanidae
Varanus sp.1 Merrem 1820 monitor lizard