Crato (NSMT collection): Late/Upper Aptian, Brazil

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Taxonomic list
Insecta - Odonata - Thaumatoneuridae
Euarchistigma atrophium Carle and Wighton 1990
1 specimen
Insecta - Odonata - Hemiphlebiidae
Parahemiphlebia sp. Jarzembowski et al. 1998
Martill et al. 2007 2 specimens
NSMT 563 and a further specimen
Parahemiphlebia cretacica Jarzembowski et al. 1998
Jarzembowski et al. 1998 1 specimen
NSMT no 39
Insecta - Odonata
? Cretarchistigma essweini Bechly 1998
2 specimens
NSMT 51, 1007
Insecta - Odonata - Gomphaeschnidae
Paramorbaeschna araripensis Bechly et al. 2001
Bechly et al. 2001 1 specimen
NSMT 29 (2 measurements)
Gomphaeschna obliqua Wighton 1987
Bechly et al. 2001 1 specimen
recombined as Gomphaeschnaoides obliquus
NSMT 54 (2 measurements)
Insecta - Odonata - Araripephlebiidae
Araripephlebia mirabilis n. gen., n. sp. Bechly 1998
1 specimen
NSMT 49 (4 measurements)
Insecta - Odonata - Araripegomphidae
Araripegomphus andreneli Bechly 1998
3 specimens
NSMT 31, 47, 1006 (6 measurements)
Insecta - Neuroptera - Rafaelianidae
Rafaelia minima Nel et al. 2005
Nel et al. 2005 1 specimen
recombined as Rafaeliana minima
NSMT B124 (1 measurement)
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Country:Brazil State/province:Ceará
Coordinates: 7.1° South, 39.7° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:8.6° South, 8.0° West
Basis of coordinate:estimated from map
Geographic resolution:local area
Period:Cretaceous Epoch:Early/Lower Cretaceous
10 m.y. bin:Cretaceous 2-3
Key time interval:Late/Upper Aptian
Age range of interval:119.50000 - 113.00000 m.y. ago
Geological group:Santana Formation:Crato
Stratigraphic resolution:group of beds
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology: lithified "carbonate"
Environment:lacustrine - large Tectonic setting:rift
Modes of preservation:adpression
Size of fossils:macrofossils,mesofossils
Preservation of anatomical detail:medium
Collection methods and comments
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Collection method comments: Specimens in National Science Museum Tokyo.
Database number:122925
Authorizer:M. Clapham Enterer:M. Clapham
Modifier:G. Varnham Research group:paleoentomology
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Creative Commons license:CC BY
Reference information

Primary reference:

35362. G. Bechly. 1998. New fossil dragonflies from the Lower Cretaceous Crato Formation of north-east Brazil (Insecta: Odonata). Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde Serie B (Geologie und Paläontologie) 264:1-66 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham]

Secondary references:

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