Unit 28, Dawan Fm., Lower Mbr., Huanghuachang and Yiching, Hubei Prov., China: Arenig, China

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Taphonomy & methods
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Taxonomic list
Cyrtomodus sp.
Honghuayuangnathus sp.
Trilobita - Corynexochida - Leiostegiidae
Pseudocalymene sp. Pillet 1974
Trilobita - Phacopida - Pliomeridae
Guizhoupliomerops sp. Zhu and Yin 1978
Trilobita - Asaphida - Asaphidae
Pseudobasilicus sp. Reed 1930
Trilobita - Asaphida - Trinucleidae
Hanchungolithus sp. Lu 1956
Ostracoda - Podocopida
Altha sp.
Ostracoda - Palaeocopida
Dilobella sp.
Strophomenata - Billingsellida - Polytoechiidae
Tritoechia sp. Ulrich and Cooper 1936
Polytoechia sp.
Martellia sp. Wirth 1936
Strophomenata - Strophomenida - Taffiidae
Leptella sp. Hall and Clarke 1892
Eosericoidea sp.
synonym of Leptella
Rhynchonellata - Pentamerida - Clarkellidae
Yangtzeella sp. Kolarova 1925
Rhynchonellata - Orthida - Paurorthidae
Nereidella sp.
Rhynchonellata - Orthida - Orthidae
Sinorthis sp.
Yichangorthis sp.
synonym of Sinorthis
Rhynchonellata - Orthida - Plectorthidae
Mimella sp. Cooper 1930
Conodonta - Conodontophorida
Juanognathus sp.
Coelocerodontus sp.
Tropodus sp.
Stolodus sp.
Protopanderodus sp.
Clavohamulus sp.
Coleodus sp.
Bergstroemognathus sp.
Oistodus sp.
Reutterodus sp.
Paroistodus sp. Lindström 1971
Triangulodus sp. van Wamel 1974
Conodonta - Ozarkodinida
Periodon sp. Hadding 1913
Conodonta - Balognathidae
Baltoniodus sp.
Conodonta - Strachanognathidae
Cornuodus sp.
Scolopodus sp.
Acodus sp. Pander 1856
Conodonta - Protopanderodontida
Drepanoistodus sp. Lindstrom 1971
Conodonta - Protopanderodontida - Protopanderodontidae
Drepanodus sp. Pander 1856
Drepanodus sp. Pander 1856
Nasusgnathus sp. Ni 1983
Conodonta - Paraconodontida
Westergaardodina sp. Müller 1959
Pterobranchia - Phyllograptidae
Phyllograptus sp. Hall 1858
Pterobranchia - Tetragrapta
Tetragraptus sp. Salter 1863
Pterobranchia - Dichograptidae
Didymograptus sp. McCoy 1851
Pterobranchia - Dendroidea - Dendrograptidae
Dendrograptus sp. Hall 1858
Pseudophyllograptus sp. Cooper and Fortey 1982
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Country:China State/province:Hubei
Coordinates: 33.0° North, 111.0° East (view map)
Paleocoordinates:12.8° North, 140.9° East
Geographic resolution:local area
10 m.y. bin:Ordovician 2
*Period:Early/Lower Ordovician *Epoch:Early/Lower Arenig
Key time interval:Arenig
Age range of interval:478.60000 - 466.00000 m.y. ago
* legacy (obsolete) database fields
Formation:Dawan Member:Lower
Local section:28
Stratigraphic resolution:group of beds
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology: lithified argillaceous "carbonate"
Environment:offshore shelf
Collection methods and comments
Reason for describing collection:biostratigraphic analysis
Database number:4721
Authorizer:A. Miller Enterer:P. Novack-Gottshall
Research group:marine invertebrate
Created:1999-08-18 07:40:11 Last modified:1999-08-18 10:40:11
Access level:the public Released:2000-11-20 13:53:23
Creative Commons license:CC BY
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287. X. Wang, L. Xian, S. Ni, Q. Zheng, G. Xu, T. Zhou, C. Lai and Z. Li. 1987. Biostratigraphy of the Yangtze Gorge Area. Part (2) Early Paleozoic Era. Geological Publishing House, Beijing 43-142 [A. Miller/P. Novack-Gottshall]