Boguzidaliya River section, Bed 5, AET953, Baliqliq Formation, Tarim Basin: Kungurian, China

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Taxonomic list
Rhynchonellata - Athyridida - Athyrididae
Tarimathyris minima (Ustritsky 1960)
Chen and Shi 2006
Baliqliqia baliqliqensis Chen and Shi 2006
Chen and Shi 2006
Rhynchonellata - Terebratulida - Notothyrididae
Notothyris triplax Grant 1976
Chen and Shi 2006
Rhynchonellata - Spiriferida - Martiniidae
Martinia sp. M'Coy 1844
Chen and Shi 2006
Rhynchonellata - Rhynchonellida - Allorhynchidae
Terebratuloidea xizangensis (Sun 1991)
Chen and Shi 2006
(1 measurement)
Rhynchonellata - Rhynchonellida - Psilocamaridae
? Goleomixa acymata Grant 1976
Chen and Shi 2006
(2 measurements)
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Country:China State/province:Xinjiang
Coordinates: 40.0° North, 76.1° East (view map)
Paleocoordinates:32.6° North, 69.7° East
Basis of coordinate:estimated from map
Geographic resolution:small collection
Period:Permian Epoch:Cisuralian
Stage:Kungurian 10 m.y. bin:Permian 2
Key time interval:Kungurian
Age range of interval:279.30000 - 272.30000 m.y. ago
Local section:Boguzidaliya River Local bed:5
Local order:bottom to top
Stratigraphic resolution:bed
Stratigraphy comments: Tarimathyris postambigua (=Kt) brachiopod zone, sample 953
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology: lithified "limestone"
Secondary lithology: lithified mudstone
Environment:marine indet.
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Preservation of anatomical detail:good
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:field collection
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Database number:62809
Authorizer:W. Kiessling Enterer:U. Merkel
Research group:marine invertebrate
Created:2006-07-28 00:34:06 Last modified:2006-07-28 03:34:06
Access level:the public Released:2006-07-28 00:34:05
Creative Commons license:CC BY
Reference information

Primary reference:

18087. Z. Q. Chen and G. R. Shi. 2006. Artinskian-Kungurian (Early Permian) brachiopod faunas from the Tarim Basin, Northwest China, Part 1: Biostratigraphy and systematics of Productida. Palaeontographica Abteilung A 274(3-6):113-177 [W. Kiessling/U. Merkel]

Secondary references:

18102 Z. Q. Chen and G. R. Shi. 2006. Artinskian-Kungurian (Early Permian) brachiopod faunas from the Tarim Basin, Northwest China, Part 2: Paleobiogeography, and systematics of Orthotetida, Orthida, Spiriferida, Spiriferinida, Rhynchonellida, Athyridida and Terebratulida. Palaeontographica Abteilung A 275(1-3):1-53 [W. Kiessling/U. Merkel]