Baltic Amber, Naturhistorisches Museum in Wien (NHMW) collection (Eocene of Russian Federation)

Where: Kaliningrad, Russian Federation (54.9° N, 19.9° E: paleocoordinates 53.9° N, 15.2° E)

• local area-level geographic resolution

When: Priabonian (38.0 - 33.9 Ma)

• According to Aleksandrova and Zaporozhets (2008), the higher parts of the Prussian Formation (including the Blaue Erde or Blue Earth) belong to the Charlesdowniea clathrata angulosa dinocyst Zone. Based on its index species, this zone is concurrent to Zone W13 established in the Parisian basin (Châteauneuf and Gruas-Cavagnetto 1978), where it is correlated with nannoplankton zones NP18–NP21 (Powell, 1992) of the Priabonian. In the Paleogene zonation of northwestern Europe, the first occurrence of Thalassiphora fenestrata is designated at the base of the dinocyst Subzone D12b (36.20 +/- 0.1 Ma), which is correlated with zones NP18 (terminal part)–NP20 of the Priabonian (Luterbacher et al., 2004).

Environment/lithology: terrestrial; amber

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils, microfossils

Preservation: amber

Reposited in the NHMW

Collection methods: surface (float)

Primary reference: G. Ulmer. 1912. Die Trichopteren des baltischen Bernsteins. Beiträge zur Naturkunde Preussens 10:1-380 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 123458: authorized by Matthew Clapham, entered by Matthew Clapham on 23.01.2012, edited by Arram Noshirvan, Andrew Spencer-Lee and Amy Delelli

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Hemiptera - Tropiduchidae
Austris raffelis n. gen. n. sp.13
Austris raffelis n. gen. n. sp.13 Szwedo and Stroinski 2010 planthopper
Acquisition 1938, no 49
 Hemiptera - Aphididae
Mindarus magnus2 Baker 1922 aphid
Mindarus paratransparens n. sp.2 Czylok 1991 aphid
 Hemiptera - Elektraphididae
"Elektraphis lindrothi n. sp." = Schizoneurites lindrothi12
"Elektraphis lindrothi n. sp." = Schizoneurites lindrothi12 Steffan and Schlüter 1981 aphid
NHMW 1976/1830
 Hemiptera - Aphalaridae
Protoscena baltica n. gen. n. sp.8
Protoscena baltica n. gen. n. sp.8 Klimaszewski 1997 jumping plant louse
 Hemiptera - Miridae
Electromyiomma schultzi n. sp.10 Popov and Herczek 1992 plant bug
NHMW (1913) Inv. 42
Mixocapsus eocenicus n. gen. n. sp.6 Herczek 1991 plant bug
Deraeocoris balticus n. sp.7 Herczek and Gorczyca 1991 plant bug
Amberofulvius dentatus n. gen. n. sp.5 Herczek 1991 plant bug
 Hymenoptera - Formicidae
Prenolepis henschei9 Mayr 1868 ant
Formica gustawi n. sp.4 Dlussky 2002 ant
1984/31/197, 204, 208
Formica flori9 Mayr 1868 ant
2 are reassigned to F. gustawi
Gesomyrmex hoernesi9 Mayr 1868 ant
"Hypoclinea geinitzi" = Yantaromyrmex geinitzi9 Mayr 1868 ant
"Hypoclinea goepperti" = Ctenobethylus goepperti9 Mayr 1868 ant
Pachycondyla baltica n. sp.3 Dlussky 2002 ant
1984/31/255 (one of Mayr's original Ponera atavia)
 Hymenoptera - Orussidae
Baltorussus velteni n. gen. n. sp.11
Baltorussus velteni n. gen. n. sp.11 Schedl 2011 parasitic wood wasp
NHMW 2014/0110/0001; 2014/0191/0001 in Vilhelmsen & Zimmerman, 2014
 Trichoptera - Helicopsychidae
Electrohelicopsyche taeniata Pictet and Hagen 1856 snail-case caddisfly
Nr. 1
 Trichoptera - Molannidae
Molannodes indubia Ulmer 1912 caddisfly
Nr. 25
 Trichoptera - Polycentropodidae
Holocentropus vetustus Germar 1813 caddisfly
Nr 19, 30
Plectrocnemia clavata Ulmer 1912 caddisfly
Nr. 7
Plectrocnemia barbata Pictet and Hagen 1856 caddisfly
Nr. 10, 13, 24, 35
Plectrocnemia furcata Ulmer 1912 caddisfly
Nr. 20
Plectrocnemia lata Pictet and Hagen 1856 caddisfly
Nr. 26, 28
 Trichoptera - Psychomyiidae
Lype sericea Pictet and Hagen 1856 caddisfly
Nr. 14, 16 (2 specimens), 27
 Trichoptera - Philopotamidae
"Dolophilus aequalis" = Wormaldia aequalis
"Dolophilus aequalis" = Wormaldia aequalis Hagen 1856 finger-net caddisfly
Nr 37
 Raphidioptera - Inocelliidae
Succinofibla aperta n. gen. n. sp.1
Succinofibla aperta n. gen. n. sp.1 Aspöck and Aspöck 2004 snakefly
Yantarnyi (Palmnicken, Kaliningrad)
 Araneae - Salticidae
Almolinus ligula15 Wunderlich 2004 spider
 Araneae - Zoropsidae
Eomatachia latifrons14 Petrunkevitch 1942 spider