Granton Quarry (Triassic of the United States)

Also known as Belmont-Gurnee Quarry, North Bergen

Where: Hudson County, New Jersey (40.8° N, 74.0° W: paleocoordinates 15.4° N, 19.3° W)

• coordinate stated in text

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Ewing Creek Member (Lockatong Formation), Norian (228.0 - 208.5 Ma)

• The base of the section appears to be 38-46 m above the contact with the Palisade sill. At least 7 beds are fossiliferous.

•"the Lockatong Formation is composed entirely of repetitive sedimentary cycles caused by the rise and fall of lakes controlled by climate changes...".

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: lacustrine - large; black, gray, calcareous siltstone

• "Division 2 is a thinly bedded, laminated to microlaminated (laminae < 1 mm) red, green or gray to black, sometimes organic-carbon-rich, siltstone, claystone, or carbonate showing few or no signs of desiccation. In its best-developed form, division 2 is black and microlaminated and contains abundant and well-preserved fossil fish, arthropods, and small reptiles"

Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the AMNH

Collection methods: quarrying,

Primary reference: B. Schaeffer. 1941. Revision of Coelacanthus newarki and notes on the evolution of the girdles and basal plates of the median fins in the Coelacanthini. American Museum Novitates 1110:1-17 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 12856: authorized by Emmanuel Fara, entered by Emmanuel Fara on 22.12.2001, edited by Richard Butler, Matthew Oreska and Matthew Carrano

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Diplostraca - Cyzicidae
cf. Cyzicus sp.8 Audouin 1837 clam shrimp
 Palaeonisciformes - Palaeoniscidae
Turseodus sp.4 Leidy 1857
 Palaeonisciformes - Redfieldiidae
Synorichthys cf. stewarti6 Schaeffer 1967
AMNH 3983, 3984
 Coelacanthiformes - Mawsoniidae
cf. Diplurus longicaudatus7 Newberry 1878 coelacanth
 Coelacanthini -
Osteopleurus newarki Bryant 1919 lobe-finned fish
NJSM 16697
 Temnospondyli - Metoposauridae
Metoposauridae indet.3 Watson 1919 tetrapod
AMNH uncatalogued
 Phytosauria -
Phytosauria indet.5 archosaur
Isolated bones and teeth
 Phytosauria - Parasuchidae
Rutiodon carolinensis1 Emmons 1856 archosaur
AMNH 5500, skull, partial mandible, vertebra, scutes, postcranial fragments
 Eosuchia - Tanystropheidae
Tanytrachelos ahynis3 Olsen 1979 archosauromorph
 Eosuchia - Kuehneosauridae
Icarosaurus siefkeri n. gen. n. sp.2
Icarosaurus siefkeri n. gen. n. sp.2 Colbert 1966 crown diapsid
Holotype, nearly complete skeleton
 Diapsida -
Hypuronector limnaios n. gen. n. sp.3
Hypuronector limnaios n. gen. n. sp.3 Colbert and Olsen 2001 diapsid
AMNH 7759 (holotype), partially articulated skeleton; AMNH 1721, 7755, 1998, 2080, 2076; NJSM 19701, 19702