MNA 939, near Alton (Cretaceous to of the United States)

Also known as UMNH VP Loc. 123

Where: Kane County, Utah (37.4° N, 111.2° W: paleocoordinates 38.8° N, 73.8° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Naturita Formation, Middle Cenomanian to Middle Cenomanian (99.6 - 93.5 Ma)

• said to be Cenomanian, middle part of "Dakota Formation"

Environment/lithology: "floodplain"; lithology not reported

Size class: mesofossils

Collection methods: bulk, sieve,

Primary reference: J. G. Eaton and R. L. Cifelli. 1988. Preliminary report on Late Cretaceous mammals of the Kaiparowits Plateau, southern Utah. Contributions to Geology, University of Wyoming 26(2):45-55 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/M. Carrano]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 14383: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 21.09.1998, edited by Matthew Carrano

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• in the upper 10 - 20 m of the middle mbr.
see also Eaton 1993c
middle mbr. of fm. dated at 92.9 +/- 0.2 Ma "at the base" and 90.5 +/- 0.1 Ma "near the top"; redated at 94.7 +/- 0.4 and 94.5 +/-0.2 Ma (level not stated); these dates are incompatible: Eaton 1995; grand mean is 93.15 Ma
also additional "Cimolodon sp." forms "A" and "B" (not definitely from this locality)
 Loricata -
Mesoeucrocodylia indet.4 Whetstone and Whybrow 1983 crocodilian
MNA V10402, 10403, 10406
 Theriamorpha -
Theria indet.1 Parker and Haswell 1897 mammal
MNA V6017
 Theriamorpha - Stagodontidae
Pariadens kirklandi1 Cifelli and Eaton 1987 metatherian
MNA V5632-33, V5842-43
 Theriamorpha - Alphadontidae
Eoalphadon sp.5, "Alphadon lillegraveni" = Eoalphadon lillegraveni1
Eoalphadon sp.5 Eaton 2009 metatherian
MNA V5643, V6876
"Alphadon lillegraveni" = Eoalphadon lillegraveni1 Eaton 1993 metatherian
MNA V5826, V6099
 Multituberculata - Cimolodontidae
Cimolodontidae indet.2 Marsh 1889 multituberculate
 Multituberculata -
Paracimexomys "sp." Archibald 1982 multituberculate
additional P. sp. Eaton 1995
cf. Paracimexomys sp. Archibald 1982 multituberculate
additional cf. P. sp. Eaton 1995
Paracimexomys cf. robisoni2 Eaton and Nelson 1991 multituberculate
Dakotamys malcolmi2 Eaton 1995 multituberculate
 Caudata - Urodela
Scapherpetontidae indet.3 Auffenberg and Goin 1959 salamander
MNA V10244–46
 Salientia -
Anura indet.5 Fischer von Waldheim 1813 frog