Well Khx-1, Muglad Basin, Sample Kh-11 (Cretaceous to of Sudan)

Where: West Kurdufan, Sudan (11.0° N, 27.7° E: paleocoordinates 10.2° S, 17.8° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

When: Zone III (Apt.-Alb.) pollen zone, Bentiu Formation, Aptian to Aptian (125.0 - 100.5 Ma)

• Reference section. Azx-1, interval 1595–1675 m (samples

•Az 05–Az 08).

•Definition. The top of this zone is indicated by the highest

•occurrence of Verrucosisporites rotundus, Stellatopollis

•densiornatus and the presence of Aequitriradites cf. acusus,

•Retimonocolpites variplicatus, Gnetaceaepollenites diversus,

•Gnetaceaepollenites sp. and Classopollis spp. Afropollis

•jardinus, Appendicisporis aegyptiaca and Steevesipollenites

•sinuosus occur just below the top of this zone.

Environment/lithology: fluvial-lacustrine; lithified sandstone

• The successions in several deep wells in the Muglad Basin consist of thick Lower Cretaceous to Paleogene–Neogene strata of claystones, fluvio-lacustrine sandstones and siltstones (Schull 1988). Based on seismic and log interpretations, twelve formations are distinguished in the Muglad Basin of which thick beds of shales and claystones interbedded with fine sandstones and siltstones constitute the Abu Gabra Formation (Neocomian–Aptian), the main source rock in the Muglad Basin. The reservoir rock is the thick sandstone sequence of the Bentiu Formation (Aptian–Cenomanian).

Size class: microfossils

Preservation: soft parts, original sporopollenin

Collection methods: chemical, hydrochloric, hydroflouric, sieve

Primary reference: A. A. M. Eisawi, A. B. Ibrahim, O. B. A. Rahim and E. Schrank. 2012. Palynozonation of the Cretaceous to Lower Paleogene Strata of the Muglad Basin, Sudan. Palynology 36(2):191-207 [C. Jaramillo/G. Doria/A. Cardenas ]more details

Purpose of describing collection: biostratigraphic analysis

PaleoDB collection 145172: authorized by Carlos Jaramillo, entered by Gabriela Doria on 28.05.2013

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

Monocolpopollenites sp. Pflug and Thomson 1953
 Pinales - Araucariaceae
 Ephedrales - Ephedraceae
Ephedripites jansonii Muller 1968 jointfir
Ephedripites strigatus Brenner 1968 jointfir
Ephedripites cf. multicostatus Brenner 1963 jointfir
 Coniferales - Cheirolepidiaceae
Classopollis spp. Pflug 1953
Retimonocolpites variplicatus Schrank and Mahmoud 1998
Afropollis zonatus
Afropollis zonatus Doyle et al. 1982
Afropollis operculatus
Afropollis cf. operculatus Doyle et al. 1982
Afropollis jardinus
Afropollis jardinus Doyle et al. 1982
 Gnetales -
Steevesipollenites sinuosus Azema and Boltenhagen 1974 cycads
Cycadopites sp. Wodehouse 1933
Pilosisporites trichopapillosus
Pilosisporites trichopapillosus Delcourt and Sprumont 1955
 Filicales - Gleicheniaceae
 Salviniales - Marsileaceae
 Schizaeales -
 Schizaeales - Schizaeaceae
Cicatricosisporites spp. Potonie and Gelletich 1933
Cicatricosisporites mohrioides Delcourt and Sprumont 1955
 Polypodiales - Pteridaceae
Contignisporites sp. Dettmann 1963
 Lycopodiales -
Camarozonosporites sp. Potonié 1956
Leptolepidites spp. Couper 1953
 Sphaerocarpales -
Rouseisporites sp. Pocock 1962
Gemmatriletes sp. Pierce 1961
 Algae -