West Flank Kimbeto Wash (Puercan) (Paleocene of the United States)

Also known as AMNH Locs. 5 of Sinclair and Granger; Lower Black Streak; NMMNH 684, 685, 1121; NMMNH L-6387 (Black Toe); UALP 7631 (Black Toe)

Where: San Juan County, New Mexico (36.3° N, 108.2° W: paleocoordinates 43.2° N, 87.3° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

When: Nacimiento Formation, Puercan (66.0 - 63.3 Ma)

Environment/lithology: terrestrial; lithology not reported

Size class: mesofossils

Primary reference: T. E. Williamson. 1996. The beginning of the age of mammals in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico; biostratigraphy and evolution of Paleocene mammals of the Nacimiento Formation. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 8:1-141 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/P. Mannion]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 14794: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 02.06.1997, edited by Philip Mannion

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Williamson's list 11
a.k.a. "first draw west of Kimbetoh Arroyo" and "four miles above Kimbetoh"
multis are omitted
 Cimolesta - Cimolestidae
Betonnia tsosia3, "Cimolestes simpsoni" = Puercolestes simpsoni, Chacopterygus minutus n. gen. n. sp.3
Betonnia tsosia3 Williamson et al. 2011 eutherian
"Cimolestes simpsoni" = Puercolestes simpsoni Reynolds 1936 eutherian
present at Black Toe
Chacopterygus minutus n. gen. n. sp.3 Williamson et al. 2011 eutherian
present at Black Toe
 Leptictida - Leptictidae
Leptictidae indet. Gill 1872 eutherian
said to be new
 Tribosphenida -
Erinaceomorpha indet. Gregory 1910 placental
close to Adunator: Black Toe
 Taeniodonta -
Onychodectes tisonensis Cope 1888 taeniodont
 Taeniodonta - Stylinodontidae
Wortmania otariidens2 Cope 1885 taeniodont
NMMNH P-64929, NMMNH locality L-6387
 Tribosphenida - Arctocyonidae
Loxolophus hyattianus Cope 1885 condylarth
 Ungulata - Hyopsodontidae
Choeroclaenus turgidunculus Cope 1888 condylarth
 Ungulata - Periptychidae
Periptychus coarctatus Cope 1883 condylarth
Ectoconus ditrigonus Cope 1882 condylarth
Hemithlaeus kowalevskianus Cope 1882 condylarth
"Conacodon entoconus" = Haploconus entoconus Cope 1882 condylarth
Mithrandir gillianus1 Cope 1882 condylarth
 Acreodi - Triisodontidae
"Eoconodon gaudrianus" = Goniacodon gaudryanus
"Eoconodon gaudrianus" = Goniacodon gaudryanus Cope 1888 eutherian
 Theriiformes - Peradectidae
? Peradectes sp. Matthew and Granger 1921 metatherian
said to be new; form "A": Black Toe
 Theriiformes - Herpetotheriidae
Thylacodon pusillus Matthew and Granger 1921 marsupial
NMMNH P-47321, partial right upper molar consisting of the lingual part of the tooth, including the protocone and conules; 47322, right m2 or 3; 47323, right abraded m2 or 3; 47324, partial right upper molar including metacone and portion of stylar shelf; 47325, right partial M2 or 3 consisting of paracone and mesiobuccal portion of tooth; 47326, right partial m2 or 3, missing distobuccal portion of talonid; 47327, right M3; 47328, partial right M3, missing the lingual portion of the tooth including the protocone; 47329, left M1 with abraded buccal margin; 47330, left partialM1, missing distobuccal corner of tooth; 47331, left M1; 47332, partial left M1, missing the distobuccal corner of tooth; 47333, right M2; 47334, partial left M4, missing protocone and lingual portion of tooth; 47335, partial left M3, missing paracone and mesiobuccal corner of tooth