West Flank Kimbeto Wash (Puercan) (Paleocene of the United States)

Also known as AMNH Locs. 5 of Sinclair and Granger; Lower Black Streak; NMMNH 684, 685, 1121; NMMNH L-6387 (Black Toe); UALP 7631 (Black Toe)

Where: San Juan County, New Mexico (36.3° N, 108.2° W: paleocoordinates 43.2° N, 87.3° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

When: Nacimiento Formation, Puercan (66.0 - 63.3 Ma)

Environment/lithology: terrestrial; lithology not reported

Size class: mesofossils

Primary reference: T. E. Williamson. 1996. The beginning of the age of mammals in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico; biostratigraphy and evolution of Paleocene mammals of the Nacimiento Formation. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 8:1-141 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/P. Mannion]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 14794: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 02.06.1997, edited by Philip Mannion

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Williamson's list 11
a.k.a. "first draw west of Kimbetoh Arroyo" and "four miles above Kimbetoh"
multis are omitted
 Theriamorpha - Peradectidae
? Peradectes sp. Matthew and Granger 1921 marsupial
said to be new; form "A": Black Toe
 Theriamorpha - Herpetotheriidae
Thylacodon pusillus Matthew and Granger 1921 marsupial
NMMNH P-47321, partial right upper molar consisting of the lingual part of the tooth, including the protocone and conules; 47322, right m2 or 3; 47323, right abraded m2 or 3; 47324, partial right upper molar including metacone and portion of stylar shelf; 47325, right partial M2 or 3 consisting of paracone and mesiobuccal portion of tooth; 47326, right partial m2 or 3, missing distobuccal portion of talonid; 47327, right M3; 47328, partial right M3, missing the lingual portion of the tooth including the protocone; 47329, left M1 with abraded buccal margin; 47330, left partialM1, missing distobuccal corner of tooth; 47331, left M1; 47332, partial left M1, missing the distobuccal corner of tooth; 47333, right M2; 47334, partial left M4, missing protocone and lingual portion of tooth; 47335, partial left M3, missing paracone and mesiobuccal corner of tooth
 Condylarthra - Hyopsodontidae
Choeroclaenus turgidunculus Cope 1888 condylarth
 Theriamorpha -
Erinaceomorpha indet. Gregory 1910 placental
close to Adunator: Black Toe
 Acreodi - Triisodontidae
Eoconodon gaudrianus Cope 1888 placental
 Theriamorpha - Periptychidae
Periptychus coarctatus Cope 1883 condylarth
Ectoconus ditrigonus Cope 1882 condylarth
Hemithlaeus kowalevskianus Cope 1882 condylarth
"Conacodon entoconus" = Haploconus entoconus Cope 1882 condylarth
Mithrandir gillianus1 Cope 1882 condylarth
 Procreodi - Arctocyonidae
Loxolophus hyattianus Cope 1885 condylarth
 Theriamorpha - Leptictidae
Leptictidae indet. Gill 1872 eutherian
said to be new
 Cimolesta - Cimolestidae
"Cimolestes simpsoni" = Puercolestes simpsoni, Betonnia tsosia3, Chacopterygus minutus n. gen. n. sp.3
"Cimolestes simpsoni" = Puercolestes simpsoni Reynolds 1936 eutherian
present at Black Toe
Betonnia tsosia3 Williamson et al. 2011 eutherian
Chacopterygus minutus n. gen. n. sp.3 Williamson et al. 2011 eutherian
present at Black Toe
 Theriamorpha - Stylinodontidae
Wortmania otariidens2 Cope 1885 taeniodont
NMMNH P-64929, NMMNH locality L-6387
 Theriamorpha -
Onychodectes tisonensis Cope 1888 taeniodont