Princeton Quarry (Paleocene of the United States)

Also known as Big Sand Coulee; Locality No. 3; SC-187

Where: Park County, Wyoming (44.9° N, 108.9° W: paleocoordinates 50.8° N, 88.4° W)

• coordinate stated in text

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Polecat Bench Formation, Tiffanian (61.7 - 56.8 Ma)

• low within chron C25r according to Butler et al. 1981 but in the middle of C25r according to Secord et al. 2006

•"Polecat Bench Fm, Silver Coulee beds" according to Gilmore 1942

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: terrestrial; lithology not reported

Size class: macrofossils

Collected by G. L. Jepsen; reposited in the UMMP

• Princeton University collection

Primary reference: K. D. Rose. 1981. The Clarkforkian Land-Mammal Age and Mammalian Faunal Composition Across the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary. University of Michigan Papers on Paleontology 26:1-197 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/P. Mannion]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 15049: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 18.02.1993, edited by Terri Cleary, K. Christopher Beard, Patricia Holroyd, Robin Whatley and Evangelos Vlachos

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• replaces list of Jepsen and Woodburne 1969
 Salientia -
Anura indet.2 Fischer von Waldheim 1813 frog
PU 14662, distal end of right radioulna; 14663, proximal end of left radioulna; 14669 (part), phalanx; 13372, right maxilla.
 Salientia - Rhinophrynidae
Eorhinophrynus sp.2 Hecht 1959 burrowing toad
PU 14664, left humerus; 14665, distal end of left humerus; 14669 (part), sacral vertebra.
 Salientia - Discoglossidae
Discoglossidae indet.2 G√ľnther 1859 painted frog
PU 14670, distal end of right humerus. Undescribed genus and species.
 Proteida - Batrachosauroididae
Opisthotriton kayi2 Auffenberg 1961 salamander
PU 14575, articulated skeleton, including poorly-preserved skull, mandibles, atlas, at least 35 presacral vertebrae, many in natural articulation, fragments of hyobranchial skeleton, a humerus, and a single rib; PU 14643, partial skeleton of a somewhat smaller individual, including skull, mandibles, partial hyobranchial skeleton in natural articulation with skull, atlas and five associated vertebrae in natural articulation; 20584, fused articular-prearticular, otoccipitals, associated with material of Amphiuma jepseni noted below; 21781, two vertebral centra associated with a block of dislocated vertebrae, mostly young Amphiuma jepseni.
 Caudata - Urodela
Amphiuma jepseni n. sp.2 Estes 1969 amphiuma
PU 14666 (holotype), partial vertebral column with at least 14 associated but dislocated vertebrae in a single block of matrix, associated left quadrate and left dentary; 14668, partial skull and associated mandibles; 16788, group of dislocated vertebrae from sacral region of young individual mingled with vertebrae of Opisthotriton kayi
Scapherpeton tectum2 Cope 1876 salamander
PU 20583, three broken vertebrae, an atlas, an ilium, and a rib.
 Testudines -
Cardichelyon rogerwoodi6 Hutchison 2013 turtle
PU 17794, fragments of skull and shell.
 Crocodylia - Alligatoridae
Allognathosuchus sp.2 Mook 1921 crocodilian
PU 16988, anterior end of left dentary.
 Squamata -
Restes rugosus n. gen. n. sp.3
Restes rugosus n. gen. n. sp.3 Gauthier 1982 squamates
PU 14559, posterior half of right maxilla (holotype); 14560, right maxilla of smaller individual; 17144, left dentary fragment; 14640, disarticulated skull, jaws, and fragments of skeleton, including maxilla, prefrontals, frontal, right jugal, left pterygoid, dentaries, right prearticular- surangular; coronoids, right angular, centrum of axis, several cervical vertebrae, fragmentary left ilium and unidentified fragments.
 Squamata - Necrosauridae
Provaranosaurus acutus n. gen. n. sp.4
Provaranosaurus acutus n. gen. n. sp.4 Gilmore 1942 squamates
PU 14243 (holotype), left maxilla; 14561, anterior portion of left dentary; 17145, questionably referred fragment of left maxilla of large specimen
 Squamata - Anguidae
"Peltosaurus jepseni n. sp." = Proxestops silberlingii4, Odaxosaurus piger7
"Peltosaurus jepseni n. sp." = Proxestops silberlingii4 Gilmore 1938 squamates
Recombined into Proxestops jepseni by Gauthier (1982), synonymised into Proxestops silberlingii by Sullivan (1991). PU 14565 (originally holotype); UCMP 99851, isolated osteoderms; UCMP 100163, right maxilla missing all teeth, premaxillary, posterior and nasal processes; UCMP 100164, worn fragment from posterior end of right maxilla; UCMP 115128, posterior process of left maxilla; UCMP 115130, fragment from middle of right maxilla. Some specimens here removed and reclassified as Xestops savagei by ref. 60296 in coll. 15451.
Odaxosaurus piger7 Gilmore 1928 squamates
PU 13371, left maxilla; 14562, left maxilla; 14565, right maxilla, posterior part of parietal, one dermal scute; 14574, left maxilla, anterior end of right dentary; 16790, left dentary; 17147, left dentary; 17148, left dentary fragment and coronoid; 18578, left dentary fragment and osteoscutes; 14667, right pterygoid; 16761, parietal.
 Squamata -
"Haplodontosaurus excedens" = Harpagosaurus excedens4
"Haplodontosaurus excedens" = Harpagosaurus excedens4 Gilmore 1928 squamates
 Squamata - Oligodontosauridae
Oligodontosaurus wyomingensis n. gen. n. sp.4 Gilmore 1942 worm lizard
YPM-PU 14246 (holotype), left mandible
 Primates - Plesiadapidae
Plesiadapis churchilli9 Gingerich 1975 primate
Plesiadapis fodinatus n. sp. Jepsen 1930 primate
 Primates - Carpolestidae
Carpolestes dubius n. sp. Jepsen 1930 primate
 Primates - Paromomyidae
Dillerlemur pagei1 Jepsen 1930 primate
 Primates - Micromomyidae
Micromomys silvercouleei n. sp. Szalay 1973 primate
 Cimolesta - Barylambdidae
Barylambdidae indet.9 Patterson 1939 pantodont
 Cimolesta - Palaeoryctidae
Palaeoryctes cf. punctatus5 Van Valen 1966 eutherian
 Leptictida - Leptictidae
Prodiacodon paucus n. sp.9 Secord 2008 eutherian
? Palaeictops sp. Matthew 1899 eutherian
 Lipotyphla - Erinaceidae
Litolestes ignotus n. sp. Jepsen 1930 hedgehog
 Tribosphenida - Nyctitheriidae
Leptacodon packi n. sp. Jepsen 1930 placental
Wyonycteris galensis n. sp.9 Secord 2008 placental
 Tribosphenida - Apternodontidae
Apternodontidae indet. Matthew 1910 placental
"Apternodus-like" A and B of Rose
 Ferae - Viverravidae
Didymictis dellensis9 Dorr 1952 placental
Viverravus schaffi9 Gingerich and Winkler 1985 placental
Viverravus laytoni1 Gingerich and Winkler 1985 placental
 Carnivora - Miacidae
Viverravinae indet. Matthew 1909 carnivoran
"Viverravine sp. B" of Rose
 Ferae - Metacheiromyidae
Propalaeanodon schaffi Rose 1979 placental
 Macroscelidea - Apheliscidae
Phenacodaptes sabulosus n. sp. Jepsen 1930 elephant shrew
Phenacodaptes sabulosus9 Jepsen 1930 elephant shrew
 Macroscelidea -
Adunator abditus n. sp.9, "Diacocherus minutus" = Adunator minutus1
Adunator abditus n. sp.9 Secord 2008 elephant shrew
"Diacocherus minutus" = Adunator minutus1 Jepsen 1930 elephant shrew
 Tribosphenida - Arctocyonidae
Arctocyon sp.1 Blainville 1841 condylarth
Thryptacodon pseudarctos9 Simpson 1928 condylarth
Princetonia cf. yalensis9 Gingerich 1989 condylarth
 Ungulata - Phenacodontidae
Ectocion mediotuber n. sp.10 Thewissen 1990 condylarth
Phenacodus vortmani9 Cope 1880 condylarth
Phenacodus grangeri9 Simpson 1935 condylarth
 Insectivora - Apatemyidae
Unuchinia sp. Simpson 1937 insectivoran
 Acreodi - Mesonychidae
Dissacus argenteus n. sp.8 O'Leary and Rose 1995 condylarth
 Theriiformes - Peradectidae
Peradectes elegans Matthew and Granger 1921 metatherian
 Didelphimorphia - Didelphidae
 Multituberculata - Neoplagiaulacidae
Ectypodus powelli n. sp., "Parectypodus laytoni n. sp." = Ectypodus laytoni, Mimetodon churchilli n. sp., Neoplagiaulax hazeni n. sp.
Ectypodus powelli n. sp. Jepsen 1940 multituberculate
"Parectypodus laytoni n. sp." = Ectypodus laytoni Jepsen 1940 multituberculate
Mimetodon churchilli n. sp. Jepsen 1940 multituberculate
Neoplagiaulax hazeni n. sp. Jepsen 1940 multituberculate
 Multituberculata - Ptilodontidae
Prochetodon cavus n. sp. Jepsen 1940 multituberculate
 Multituberculata -
Neoliotomus conventus Jepsen 1930 multituberculate
 Multituberculata - Microcosmodontidae
Pentacosmodon pronus n. sp. Jepsen 1940 multituberculate
Microcosmodon conus n. sp. Jepsen 1930 multituberculate