East Fork Rim (Eocene of the United States)

Also known as BS-2

Where: Sublette County, Wyoming (42.7° N, 110.1° W: paleocoordinates 47.7° N, 93.5° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Alkali Creek Tongue Member (Wasatch Formation), Wasatchian (55.8 - 50.3 Ma)

• originally "Arkosic Facies" of the "New Fork Tongue Member"

Environment/lithology: terrestrial

Primary reference: R. M. West. 1973. Geology and mammalian paleontology of the New Fork-Big Sandy area, Sublette County, Wyoming. Fieldiana: Geology 29 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy]more details

PaleoDB collection 15486: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 18.02.1993

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Primates - Microsyopidae
Microsyops cf. scottianus2 Cope 1881 primate
 Primates - Omomyidae
Washakius insignis Leidy 1873 tarsier
 Primates - Notharctidae
Cantius cf. nunienus1 Cope 1881 primate
 Cimolesta - Coryphodontidae
Coryphodon sp. Owen 1845 pantodont
 Leptictida - Leptictidae
Palaeictops cf. bicuspis1 Cope 1880 eutherian
 Rodentia - Paramyidae
Paramyidae indet. Miller and Gidley 1918 rodent
"Paramys" group rodent(s)
 Placentalia -
Perissodactyla indet.1 Owen 1848 odd-toed ungulate
 Perissodactyla - Brontotheriidae
Eotitanops borealis Cope 1880 brontothere
Lambdotherium popoagicum Cope 1880 brontothere
 Perissodactyla -
Heptodon posticus Cope 1882 odd-toed ungulate
Heptodon calciculus Cope 1880 odd-toed ungulate
 Perissodactyla - Palaeotheriidae
Hyracotherium vasacciense Cope 1872 odd-toed ungulate
 Creodonta - Oxyaenidae
Oxyaenidae indet. Cope 1877 creodont
 Ferae - Viverravidae
Didymictis altidens Cope 1880 placental
 Carnivora - Miacidae
Miacis latidens Matthew and Granger 1915 carnivoran
 Carnivora -
Vulpavus sp. Marsh 1871 carnivoran
 Taeniodonta - Stylinodontidae
Stylinodon sp.4 Marsh 1874 taeniodont
 Trogontia - Esthonychidae
Esthonyx acutidens Cope 1881 tillodont
 Ungulata - Hyopsodontidae
Hyopsodus sp.1 Leidy 1870 condylarth
Hyopsodus cf. walcottianus5 Matthew 1915 condylarth
one specimen only
Hyopsodus wortmani Osborn 1902 condylarth
 Ungulata - Diacodexeidae
Diacodexis secans3 Cope 1881 even-toed ungulate
 Ungulata - Phenacodontidae
Meniscotherium chamense Cope 1874 condylarth
includes "M. robustum"