Berwick Quarry (Oligocene to of Australia)

Also known as Wilson Quarry

Where: Victoria, Australia (38.0° S, 145.3° E: paleocoordinates 52.0° S, 143.5° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

When: Proteacidites tuberculatus pollen zone, Early/Lower Oligocene to Early/Lower Oligocene (33.9 - 16.0 Ma)

Environment/lithology: fluvial-lacustrine; brown, yellow mudstone and coarse-grained sandstone

• The quarry sequence consists of basalt and pyroclastics of the Older Volcanic Group, and fluvial sands, lacustrine muds, and brown coal.
• Most of the fossil material is found in buff to chocolate brown muds interbedded with coarse sands and flows of basalt below the main basalt flow.

Size classes: macrofossils, microfossils

Preservation: mold/impression, adpression

Collection methods: chemical

Primary reference: M. S. Pole, R. S. Hill, N. Green and M. K. Macphail. 1993. The Oligocene Berwick Quarry Flora - Rainforest in a Drying Environment. Australian Systematic Botany 6(5):399-427 [C. Jaramillo/C. Jaramillo]more details

Purpose of describing collection: paleoecologic analysis

PaleoDB collection 167544: authorized by Carlos Jaramillo, entered by Carlos Jaramillo on 22.03.2015

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Relative abundance expressed as a percentage of the total spore and pollen count (= 463).
Monocot indet.
Reference specimen: SB320. Referred specimens: SB227, SB236, SB258.
Specimen "indet. A"
Reference specimen: SB226.
Specimen "indet. B"
Reference specimen: SB255.
Specimen "indet. C"
Reference specimen: SB214.
Specimen "indet. D"
Reference specimen: SB245.
Specimen "indet. E"
Reference specimen: SB216.
Specimen "indet. F"
Reference specimen: SB288.
Pesavis sp.
cf. Pesavis tagluensis; Fungi
Nupollenites sp.
Dodonaea triquetra
 Pinales - Podocarpaceae
Dacrycarpites australiensis Cookson and Pike 1953
Lygistepollenites florinii Stover and Evans 1973
Microalatidites paleogenicus Mildenhall and Pocknall 1989
Dacrycarpus indet. de Laubenfels 1969
Reference specimen: SB282
Podocarpidites spp. Cookson 1947
 Pinales - Araucariaceae
 Arecales -
Arecipites sp. Nichols et al. 1973
cf. Arecipites waitakiensis
 Liliales - Liliidae
 Monocots -
Laevigatosporites sp. Ibrahim 1933
Laevigatosporites major/ovatus
Cyathidites sp. Couper 1953
Cyathidites australis/minor
Peromonolites sp. Couper 1953
Peromonolites vellosus Partridge 1973
 Osmundales - Osmundaceae
 Gleicheniales - Matoniaceae
Dictyophyllidites arcuatus Pocknall and Mildenhall 1984
 Cyatheales - Cyatheaceae
 Polypodiales -
Foveotriletes lacunosus Partridge 1973
Malvacipollis sp. Harris 1965
cf. Malvacipollis subtilis
Ericipites sp. Wodehouse 1933
Rugulate. cf. Guettardidites sp.
Ericipites scabratus Harris 1965
 Sapotales - Dilleniidae
 Theales - Dilleniidae
 Magnoliales - Lauraceae
Laurophyllum "sp. 'sinuous'" Goeppert 1853 laurel
Reference specimens: SB209, S279. Referred specimen: SB237
Laurophyllum "sp. 'thick'" Goeppert 1853 laurel
Reference specimen: S276. Referred specimen: SB801
Laurophyllum "sp. 'butterfly'" Goeppert 1853 laurel
Reference specimen: S277. Referred specimen: SB795 coordinate 96/11.8.
Laurophyllum "sp. 'smooth'" Goeppert 1853 laurel
Reference specimen: S278. Referred specimen: SB796 coordinates 93.8/9.
 Myrtales - Myrtaceae
Myrtaceae indet. de Jussieu 1789
Reference specimen: SB233.
Eucalyptus kitsonii Deane 1902
Reference specimen: SB326 - SB330. Referred specimens: SB237, 242, 253, 254, 307, 321, 326, 328, 329, 803 -806.
 Myrtales -
Myrtaceidites "sp. 1" Cookson and Pike 1960
Myrtaceidites parvus/mesonesus
Myrtaceidites "sp. 2" Cookson and Pike 1960
cf. Myrtaceidites protrudiporens
Myrtaceidites "sp. 3" Cookson and Pike 1960
aff. Myrtaceidites eucalyptoides
Myrtaceidites eugeniioides Cookson and Pike 1954
 Rosales - Cunoniaceae
? Cunoniaceae "sp. 'small teeth'" Brown 1814
Reference specimen: SB317. Referred specimen SB309.
? Cunoniaceae "sp. 'lanceolate'" Brown 1814
Reference specimen: SB292. Referred specimens: SB210 SB217-219 SB222-225 SB228 SB230 SB231 SB234 SB235 SB239 SB243 SB250 SB251 SB261 SB263 SB264 SB284-287 SB290 SB292-303 SB306 SB308 SB310-314 SB316 SB322 SB324 SB325
Callicoma serratifolia Andrews 1809
This is: ocurrence ? Cunoniaceae of Pole, 1993 (reference 54689).
 Sapindales - Sapindaceae
 Proteales - Proteaceae
Proteaceae indet. de Jussieu 1789
Reference specimen: SB262. Referred specimens: SB241, SB260.
 Proteales -
Proteacidites sp. Cookson and Couper 1953
cf. Proteacidites scaboratus
Proteacidites spp. Cookson and Couper 1953
 Fagales - Nothofagaceae
Nothofagus maideni Pole et al. 1993
comb. nov.
 Fagales -
Nothofagidites "sp. 1" Potonié 1960
Nothofagidites deminutus-vansteenisii
Nothofagidites "sp. 2" Potonié 1960
Nothofagidites emarcidus-heterus
Nothofagidites asperus Cookson 1958
 Fagales - Casuarinaceae
Gymnostoma sp. Johnson 1980
Referred specimens: cones SB265 - SB267, SB271- SB276. stems SB269, SB270, SB277
Tricolpites spp. Potonié 1960
Rubipollis sp. Mildenhall and Pocknall 1989
cf. Rubipollis oblatus
Pseudoschizaea circula
Pseudoschizaea circula Christopher 1976
Concolpites leptos Stover and Partridge 1973