Glenaulin, sample IV (Miocene to of Australia)

Where: Victoria, Australia (37.9° S, 141.4° E: paleocoordinates 49.5° S, 138.9° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Wataepoolan limestone Formation (Glenelg Group), Miocene to Miocene (23.0 - 23.0 Ma)

• Marls underlying the massive nodular limestone bed 1'-5' above the disconformity. East landslip, Allotment 2, Ph. Glenaulin

Environment/lithology: marine; brown, argillaceous limestone

• This unit overlies unconformably the Glenaulin clay and consists mainly of orange-brown polyzoal limestones with some polyzoal marls and clayey beds. A massive nodular limestone bed near the base of this member contains a large molluscan fauna.

Size class: mesofossils

Primary reference: D. A. Brown. 1958. Fossil cheilostomatous polyzoa from south-west Victoria. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Victoria (20) [L. Liow/F. Franeck/S. Bruning]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 173506: authorized by Lee Hsiang Liow, entered by Franziska Franeck on 01.10.2015

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Cheilostomata - Membraniporidae
Biflustra delta n. sp. Brown 1958
Biflustra regularis d'Orbigny 1852
"Membranipora" ancarteri n. sp. Brown 1958
"Membranipora" crespinae n. sp. Brown 1958
 Cheilostomata - Phidoloporidae
 Cheilostomata - Celleporidae
Palmicellaria ornata n. sp. Brown 1958
Palmicellaria quadrifrons Maplestone 1900
Palmicellaria otwayensis Maplestone 1900
 Cheilostomata - Petraliidae
Discopora vultur Hincks 1882
 Cheilostomata - Bitectiporidae
 Cheilostomata - Smittinidae
Smittina ordinata MacGillivray 1895
 Cheilostomata - Mucronellidae
Smittinella tatei Tenison-Woods 1877
 Cheilostomata - Tetraplariidae
Tetraplaria australis Tenison-Woods 1879
 Cheilostomata - Adeonidae
 Cheilostomata - Gigantoporidae
Gigantopora tuberculosa Maplestone 1902
 Cheilostomata - Microporellidae
Microporella ciliata Pallas 1766
 Cheilostomata - Porinidae
Porina gracilis Lamarck 1816
Porina gracilis tubulifera
 Cheilostomata - Schizoporellidae
aff. Schizoporella tenuilamellosa Canu and Bassler 1935
"Schizoporella" baini n. sp. Brown 1958
"Schizoporella" orbiculifera Canu and Bassler 1935
 Cheilostomata - Cellariidae
Cellaria australis MacGillivray 1880
Cellaria bicornis Busk 1852
Cellaria contigua MacGillivray 1895
Cellaria mitrata n. sp. Brown 1958
Cellaria biaperta Maplestone 1900
Cellaria dennanti MacGillivray 1895
 Cheilostomata - Lepraliidae
aff. Lepralia bairnsdalei Waters 1882
Hippoporina sp. aff. Lepralia bairnsdalei
 Cheilostomata - Flustridae
Hincksina geminata Waters 1881
 Cheilostomata - Cribrilinidae
Reginella maplestonei n. sp. Brown 1958
Figularia sp. Jullien 1886
 Cheilostomata - Microporidae
Micropora elegans Maplestone 1901
 Cheilostomata - Onychocellidae
Ogiva concamerata Waters 1881
 Cheilostomata - Aspidostomatidae
Macropora cribrilifera Maplestone 1901
Crateropora patula Waters 1881
 Cheilostomata - Ellisinidae
Ellisina gregsoni MacGillivray 1895
 Cheilostomata - Calloporidae
Foveolaria thomasi n. sp. Brown 1958
Ramphonotus lusorius Waters 1881
Callopora monilifera Maplestone 1901
 Cheilostomata - Bryocryptellidae
Porella rogeri n. sp. Brown 1958
 Cheilostomata - Romancheinidae
Escharella elongata Canu and Bassler 1935
Escharoides osburni n. sp. Brown 1958
Escharoides duplicata Waters 1881
 Cheilostomata - Didymosellidae
Didymosella larvalis MacGillivray 1869
 Cheilostomata - Hincksinidae
 Cheilostomata - Scrupocellariidae
Menipea retroversa Maplestone 1900