Emu Bay Shale (Cambrian of Australia)

Where: South Australia, Australia (35.6° S, 137.5° E: paleocoordinates 12.5° N, 161.2° W)

When: Cambrian Stage 4 (Series 2) zone, Rouge Mudstone Member (Marsden Sandstone Formation), Botomian (516.0 - 512.9 Ma)

Environment/lithology: offshore; lithified, argillaceous shale

• A distinctive fossiliferous argillaceous limestone and shale, the Rouge Mudstone Member. [...]

•The Lagerstätte occurs within dark grey to black laminated micaceous mudstone facies, some of which show evidence of syndepositional disturbance.

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Preservation: mold/impression, trace, soft parts

Collection methods: quarrying, surface (float), surface (in situ)

Primary reference: J. G. Gehling, J. B. Jago, J. R. Paterson, D. C. García-Bellido, and G. D. Edgecombe. 2011. The geological context of the Lower Cambrian (Series 2) Emu Bay Shale Lagerstätte and adjacent stratigraphic units, Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 58(3):243-257 [M. Smith/M. Smith]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 187498: authorized by Martin Smith, entered by Martin Smith on 31.07.2017, edited by Pete Wagner

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Protomonaxonida - Hamptoniidae
Hamptoniidae indet.1 Laubenfels 1955 demosponge
 Protomonaxonida - Leptomitidae
Leptomitidae indet.1 De Laubenfels 1955 demosponge
 Protomonaxonida - Choiidae
Choiidae indet.1 Laubenfels 1925 demosponge
Nectocaris pteryx
  - Nectocarididae
"Vetustovermis planus" = Nectocaris pteryx3
"Vetustovermis planus" = Nectocaris pteryx3 Conway Morris 1976
A synonym of Nectocaris pteryx
 Chancelloriida - Chancelloriidae
Chancelloria indet.1 Walcott 1920
  - Rotadiscidae
 Lingulida - Botsfordiidae
Botsfordiidae indet.1 Schindewolf 1955
Diandongia sp.1 Rong 1974
 Lingulida - Eoobolidae
Eoobolidae indet.1 Holmer et al. 1996
 Cricocosmida - Palaeoscolecidae
"Palaeoscolex antiquus" = Wronascolex antiquus2, Wronascolex iacoborum1
"Palaeoscolex antiquus" = Wronascolex antiquus2 García-Bellido et al. 2013
Wronascolex iacoborum1 García-Bellido et al. 2013
 Radiodonta - Anomalocarididae
 Radiodonta -
 Conciliterga -
Australimicola spriggi1 Paterson et al. 2012
 Redlichiida - Estaingiidae
Estaingia bilobata2 Pocock 1964 trilobite
"cf. Lusiatops"
 Redlichiida - Redlichiidae
Redlichia takooensis2 Lu 1950 trilobite
 Redlichiida - Emuellidae
Balcoracania dailyi2 Pocock 1970 trilobite
 Redlichiida - Megapharanaspidae
Megapharanaspis nedini2 Paterson and Jago 2006 trilobite
 Corynexochida - Dorypygidae
Holyoakia simpsoni2 Paterson and Jago 2006 trilobite
Squamacula buckorum1 Paterson et al. 2012
 Nektaspidida -
Xandarella indet.2 Hou et al. 1991
 Nektaspidida - Emucarididae
Kangacaris zhangi1 Paterson et al. 2010
Emucaris fava1 Paterson et al. 2010
 Isoxyida - Isoxyidae
 Leanchoiliida - Leanchoiliidae
Oestokerkus megacholix1 Edgecombe et al. 2011
 Tuzoida - Tuzoiidae
Tuzoia sp.2 Walcott 1912
Tuzoia australis2 Glaessner 1979
Nesonektris aldridgei1 García-Bellido et al. 2014