Guimarota (Jurassic of Portugal)

Where: Leiria, Portugal (39.7° N, 8.8° W: paleocoordinates 33.7° N, 1.9° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

• local area-level geographic resolution

When: Alcobaça Formation, Kimmeridgian (157.3 - 152.1 Ma)

• two lignite coal layers wth vertebrate fossils. Dated as Oxfordian based on microflora, Kimmeridgian based on ostracods. Recent work (Schudack 1993) favors Kimmeridgian.

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: lagoonal; coal

• The dominant plants (Schizoneura (?) and Equisetum) "are assumed to have lived in a shallow lagoon of fresh to brackish water, whereas the other elements may have drifted in from a nearby coast"
• "marly lignite coals"

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils, microfossils

Preservation: mold/impression

Collection methods: surface (in situ), mechanical,

Primary reference: C. Brauckmann. 1978. Beitrag zur Flora der Grube Guimarota (Ober-Jura; Mittel-Portugal). Geologica et Palaeontologica 12:213-222 [A. Rees/A. Rees/A. Rees]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 24563: authorized by Allister Rees, entered by Allister Rees on 09.08.2002, edited by Meg Hall, Matthew Carrano, Kaitlin Maguire, Roger Benson, Philip Mannion and Terri Cleary

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Foraminifera -
Foraminifera indet.29 foram
"3 genera"
Darwinula sp.29 Brady and Robertson 1885 ostracod
 Podocopida - Limnocytheridae
 Podocopida -
Gastropoda indet.29 Cuvier 1797 snail
"8 genera"
 Hybodontiformes - Acrodontidae
Acrodus sp.29 Agassiz 1838 elasmobranch
Asteracanthus sp.29 Agassiz 1837 elasmobranch
 Holostei -
Holostei indet.29
"3 other genera" (1 prob. now Amiidae indet.)
 Amiiformes - Amiidae
Amiidae indet.17 Huxley 1861 bowfin
 Lepisosteiformes -
Lepidotes sp.29 Agassiz 1843 gar
 Temnospondyli - Albanerpetontidae
Celtedens sp.4 McGowan and Evans 1995 tetrapod
disarticulated material
 Salientia -
 Caudata - Urodela
Urodela indet.29 salamander
 Testudines -
"Chelonia indet." = Testudines1
"Chelonia indet." = Testudines1 Batsch 1788 turtle
 Testudines - Plesiochelyidae
Plesiochelyidae indet.1 Rütimeyer 1873 turtle
 Testudines - Platychelyidae
Platychelys sp.13 Wagner 1853 turtle
 Testudines - Pleurosternidae
Pleurosternidae indet.12 Cope 1868 turtle
 Testudines - Peltochelyidae
"Peltochelys duchastelli" = Peltochelys duchastelii13
"Peltochelys duchastelli" = Peltochelys duchastelii13 Dollo 1885 turtle
 Saurischia -
Titanosauriformes indet.19 Salgado et al. 1997 sauropod
IPFUB Gui Sd 1–5 (five teeth)
Tetanurae indet.22 Gauthier 1986 tetanuran
 Avetheropoda - Dromaeosauridae
Dromaeosauridae indet.22 Colbert and Russell 1969 coelurosaur
cf. Richardoestesia sp.30 Currie et al. 1990 coelurosaur
Velociraptorinae indet.30 Barsbold 1983 coelurosaur
 Avetheropoda - Troodontidae
Troodontidae indet.30 Gilmore 1924 coelurosaur
 Avetheropoda -
cf. Paronychodon sp.31 Cope 1876 coelurosaur
 Archaeopterygiformes -
Archaeopterygiformes indet.22 Furbringer 1888 bird
 Avetheropoda - Compsognathidae
Compsognathus sp.22 Wagner 1861 elegant jaw
 Avetheropoda -
Aviatyrannis jurassica n. gen. n. sp.24 Rauhut 2003 coelurosaur
Aviatyrannis jurassica24 Rauhut 2003 coelurosaur
 Saurischia -
cf. Ceratosaurus sp.22 Marsh 1884 ceratosaur
 Neornithischia -
Iguanodontia indet.23 bird foot dinosaur
Phyllodon henkeli n. gen. n. sp.29 Thulborn 1975 bird foot dinosaur
 Pterosauria -
Pterodactylus sp.29 Cuvier 1809 pterosaur
 Pterosauria - Rhamphorhynchidae
Rhamphorhynchus sp.29 Meyer 1847 pterosaur
 Loricata -
Lisboasaurus mitracostatus n. sp.28 Seiffert 1975 crocodilian
 Loricata - Goniopholididae
"Macellodus cf. brodiei" = Goniopholis brodiei28, Goniopholis baryglyphaeus n. sp.25
"Macellodus cf. brodiei" = Goniopholis brodiei28 Owen 1854 crocodilian
Goniopholis baryglyphaeus n. sp.25 Schwarz 2002 crocodilian
IPFUB Gui Croc 1, holotype: an articulated partial skeleton, including a nearly complete dorso-ventrally ¯attened skull with major portions of the lower jaw; four cervical vertebrae, six thoracic vertebrae, one sacral vertebra and three caudal vertebrae; the right and left coracoids, the left ischium and portions of the right femur, tibia and ®bula, a metacarpal, and several dorsal and ventral osteoderms
 Loricata - Atoposauridae
"Theriosuchus guimarotae n. sp." = Knoetschkesuchus guimarotae27
"Theriosuchus guimarotae n. sp." = Knoetschkesuchus guimarotae27 Schwarz and Salisbury 2005 crocodilian
IPFUB Gui Croc 7308
 Loricata -
Machimosaurus hugii14 Meyer 1837 marine crocodile
Fragments of the snout, part of the frontal, the left postorbital, the pterygoids left and the occiput, also two dorsal vertebrae, two sacral vertebrae, a tail vertebrae, ribs, left fibula, and some armor plates; found in 1961
Lisboasaurus estesi n. gen. n. sp.28 Seiffert 1975 crocodilian
FUB Giu 37, near-complete right maxilla with one tooth; plus FUB field batch number Jun 18:13:1
 Eosuchia -
Marmoretta sp.3 Evans 1991 crown diapsid
 Squamata - Dorsetisauridae
"Introrsisaurus pollicidens n. gen. n. sp." = Dorsetisaurus purbeckensis28
"Introrsisaurus pollicidens n. gen. n. sp." = Dorsetisaurus purbeckensis28 Hoffstetter 1967 squamates
 Squamata -
Portugalophis lignites n. gen. n. sp.2
Portugalophis lignites n. gen. n. sp.2 Caldwell et al. 2015 snake
 Squamata - Paramacellodidae
"Saurillus proraformis n. sp." = Saurillodon proraformis28, Saurillus cf. obtusus28, Saurillus henkeli n. sp.28, "Becklesisaurus hoffstetteri n. sp." = Becklesius hoffstetteri28
"Saurillus proraformis n. sp." = Saurillodon proraformis28 Estes 1983 squamates
Saurillus cf. obtusus28 Owen 1855 squamates
Saurillus henkeli n. sp.28 Seiffert 1975 squamates
"Becklesisaurus hoffstetteri n. sp." = Becklesius hoffstetteri28 Seiffert 1975 squamates
FUB Gui.A56
 Choristodera -
"Cteniogenys reedi n. sp." = Cteniogenys antiquus28
"Cteniogenys reedi n. sp." = Cteniogenys antiquus28 Gilmore 1928 choristodere
 Therapsida -
Haldanodon exspectatus n. sp.18 Kühne and Krusat 1972 mammaliaform
Numerous specimens (SGP series)
 Theriiformes - Dryolestidae
Dryolestidae indet.15 Marsh 1879 mammal
Guimarotodus inflatus n. gen. n. sp.20 Martin 1999 mammal
IPFUB Gui Mam 121/75 (holotype right mandible) plus ten other specimens
Krebsotherium lusitanicum n. gen. n. sp.20 Martin 1999 mammal
IPFUB Gui Mam 9/75 (holotype left mandible) plus 78 other specimens
Henkelotherium guimarotae26 Krebs 1991 mammal
Dryolestes leirensis n. sp.20 Martin 1999 mammal
Gui Mam 130/74 (holotype left mandible) plus 81 other specimens. Includes Butterigale sp. of Kuhne 1968
Dryolestes cf. leirensis20 Martin 1999 mammal
 Theriiformes - Paurodontidae
Paurodontidae indet.15 Marsh 1887 mammal
Drescheratherium acutum n. gen. n. sp.16 Krebs 1998 mammal
IPFUB Gui Mam 4/73 (holotype maxilla), 34/A6, 70/74, 1/76
 Theriiformes -
Nanolestes drescherae n. gen. n. sp.21
Nanolestes drescherae n. gen. n. sp.21 Martin 2002 mammal
The holotype (Gui Mamm 1002) and the following specimens: lower teeth (molars if not otherwise indicated): Gui Mam 1000 (left); 1001 (left); 1003 (left); 1004 (left); 1005 (dp?2-3, left); 1006 (right); 1007 (sectioned for enamel analysis); 1008 (left); 1009 (left); 1010 (left); 1011 (left); 1012 (right); 1013 (dp?3- 5, right); 1014 (left); 1015/1 (right) and 1015/2 (right), most probably from the same individual; 1016 (right); 1017 (right); 1018 (right); 1019 (dp?3-5, right); 1020 (right); 1021 (left); 1022 (left); 1040 (left); anterior dentary fragment with p3-5, broken roots of p2 and alveoli for il-4, c, and pl (Gui Mam 66/79); right dentary with p2 and alveoli for il-4, p1-5, and ml-5 (Guimarota 19; "cf. Peramus" of Ktihne, 1968a); upper teeth (molars if not otherwise indicated): Gui Mam 1023/1 (P4 or 5, left), 1023/2 (left), 1023/3 (left), most probably from the same individual; 1024 (left); 1025 (left); 1026 (left); 1027 (DP? 3-5, left); 1029 (left); 1030 (left); 1031 (right); 1032 (right); 1033 (right); 1034 (DP? 3-5, right); 1035 (right); 1036 (left); 1037 (right); 1038 (right); 1039 (DP? 3-5, right, double-rooted, roots broken, tooth was not shed); 1041 (left); left maxilla fragment consisting of two maxillary fragments and five isolated teeth (C, P1-P4) and a possible molar fragment (Gui Mam 176/ 75).
 Multituberculata -
Kuehneodon sp. n. sp.5 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
Kuehneodon guimarotensis n. sp.6 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
V.J. 5-155 (holotype mandible), 6-155, 11-155(questionably), 440-155 (mandibles)
Kuehneodon dietrichi n. gen. n. sp.6 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
V.J. 4-155 (holotype mandible), 410-155 to 425-155, 429-155, 439-155, 441-155 (mandibles)
Kuehneodon simpsoni6 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
V.J. 122-155 (holotype skull)
Kuehneodon uniradiculatus n. sp.6 Hahn 1978 multituberculate
V.J. 427-155 (holotype mandible), 428-155, 429-155, 431-155, 442-155 (mandibles)
 Multituberculata - Paulchoffatiidae
Paulchoffatiidae "gen. A"10 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
V.J. 385-155 and IPFUB A(m2)-1-5 (five m2 teeth)
Paulchoffatiidae "gen. B"10 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
IPFUB B(m2)-1-2 (two m2 teeth)
Paulchoffatiidae "gen. C"10 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
IPFUB c(m2)-1 (one m2 tooth)
Paulchoffatiidae "gen. D sp. 1"10 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
V.J. 163-155 (a left m2), IPFUB D1(m2)-1-5 (five m2 teeth)
Paulchoffatiidae "gen. D sp. 2"10 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
IPFUB F2(m2)-1-5 (five m2 teeth)
Paulchoffatiidae "gen. D sp. 3"10 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
V.J. 381-155 (left m2 tooth), 3880155 (right m2 tooth), 389-155 (right m2 tooth); IPFUB D3(m2)-1-12 (twelve m2 teeth)
Paulchoffatiidae "gen. D sp. 4"10 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
IPFUB D4(m2)-1-10 (ten m2 teeth)
Kielanodon hopsoni n. gen. n. sp.6 Hahn 1987 multituberculate
V.J. 463-155 (holotype right maxilla), 464-155 (right maxilla); plus a right p3 reported by Hahn & Hahn (1998) V.J. 382-155
Xenachoffatia oinopion n. gen. n. sp.10 Hahn and Hahn 1998 multituberculate
IPFUB oi(m2)-1 (holotype left m2), -2-3 (paratype right m2s)
Renatodon amalthea n. gen. n. sp.7 Hahn 2001 multituberculate
V.J. 457-155 (holotype right maxilla), 452-155 (paratype)
Meketibolodon robustus9 Hahn 1978 multituberculate
V.J. 408-155 (holotype mandible), 407-155, 409-155, 430-155 (mandibles)
Guimarotodon leiriensis n. gen. n. sp.6 Hahn 1969 multituberculate
V.J. 396-155 (holotype mandible), 461-155, 462-155 (mandibles)
"Parachoffatia thoas n. gen. n. sp." = Plesiochoffatia thoas10 Hahn and Hahn 1998 multituberculate
IPFUB th(m2)-1 (holotype left m2), -2-3 (paratype right m2s)
"Parachoffatia peperethos n. sp." = Plesiochoffatia10 multituberculate
IPFUB pe(m2)-1 (holotype right m2)
Parachoffatia staphylos n. sp.10 Hahn and Hahn 1998 multituberculate
IPFUB st(m2)-1 (holotype left m2)
"Kuehneodon dryas n. sp." = Pseudobolodon dryas5 Hahn 1977 multituberculate
Pseudobolodon krebsi n. sp.8 Hahn and Hahn 1994 multituberculate
V.J. 447-155 (holotype skull fragments), plus 451-155, 357-155
Pseudobolodon oreas n. gen. n. sp.5 Hahn 1977 multituberculate
Pseudobolodon oreas7 Hahn 1977 multituberculate
Bathmochoffatia hapax n. gen. n. sp.10 Hahn and Hahn 1998 multituberculate
IPFUB ha (m1)-1
Henkelodon sp.10 Hahn 1977 multituberculate
IPFUB H(m1)-6 (an m1 tooth)
Henkelodon naias n. gen. n. sp.5 Hahn 1977 multituberculate
Meketichoffatia sp.10 Hahn 1993 multituberculate
IPFUB M(m1)-1 (an m1 tooth)
Meketichoffatia krausei n. gen. n. sp.6 Hahn 1993 multituberculate
V.J. 110-155 (holotype skull), 443-155, 444-155, 445-155, 446-155 (skulls); plus an m1 referred by Hahn (1998) (IPFUB M(m1)-1)
Meketichoffatia ? krausei10 Hahn 1993 multituberculate
V.J. 390-155-395-135 (6 x m1 referred to Paulchoffatia sp. by Hahn (1969))
Paulchoffatia delgadoi n. gen. n. sp.6 Kuhne 1961 multituberculate
V.J. 1-155 (holotype mandible), 2-155, 3-155, 402-155, 403-155 (mandibles); plus specimens referred by Hahn (1998): V.J. 95-155, 96-155, IPFUB de(m2)-1, de(m2)-2 (total of four m2 teeth)
 Multituberculata - Albionbaataridae
Proalbionbaatar plagiocyrtus n. gen. n. sp.11 Hahn and Hahn 1998 multituberculate
IPFUB pl(m1)-1-2 (holotype right m1 and paratype left m1)
 Equisetales - Equisetaceae
 Equisetales -
? Schizoneura sp. Schimper and Mougeot 1844
 Bennettitales -
 Pinales -
Brachyphyllum sp. Brongniart 1828
 Ginkgoales - Ginkgoaceae
Ginkgo sp. Linnaeus 1771 ginkgo