Villany locality 5 (Pliocene of Hungary)

Also known as Villany 5, Villány locality 5

Where: Barany, Hungary (45.9° N, 18.5° E: paleocoordinates 45.8° N, 18.4° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

When: Villanyian (3.2 - 2.6 Ma)

• Upper Villanyian, MN17, same age as Osztramos 3.


• 'right above locality no. 3, a 10-20cm wide cleft with a corroded surface sinks into the karstic surface, which, at a depth of about 1.5-2.0m is cut by a horizontal shift...the rock of the cleft is Oxfordian limestone...and its direction coincides with the strike direction.'

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Primary reference: D. Janossy. 1986. Pleistocene vertebrate faunas of Hungary. Developments in Palaeontology and Stratigraphy, 8. Elsevier, Amsterdam 1-208 [A. Turner/H. O'Regan/H. O'Regan]more details

Purpose of describing collection: biostratigraphic analysis

PaleoDB collection 35371: authorized by Alan Turner, entered by Hannah O'Regan on 08.12.2003, edited by Evangelos Vlachos

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Salientia - Pelobatidae
Pelobates cf. fuscus spadefoot toad
 Salientia - Ranidae
Rana sp. Linnaeus 1758 frog
 Salientia - Bufonidae
Bufo sp. Laurenti 1768 toad
2 species I and II
Bufo bufo toad
 Salientia - Discoglossidae
Bombina sp. Oken 1816 fire-bellied toad
Aves indet. Linnaeus 1758 bird
 Squamata - Lacertidae
Lacerta sp. Linnaeus 1758 lizard
Lacerta viridis Laurenti 1768 European green lizard
 Squamata - Anguidae
Ophisaurus apodus Pallas 1775 Armored glass lizard
 Ophidia -
Ophidia indet. snake
ca. 40,000 specimens
 Rodentia - Muridae
Apodemus leptodus Eurasian field mouse
Apodemus cf. sylvaticus Linnaeus 1758 wood mouse
Parapodemus sp. Schaub 1938 mouse
 Rodentia - Cricetidae
Rhinocricetus ehiki mouse
R. éhiki
Mimomys mehelyi vole
M. méhelyi (= M. pliocaenicus group)
Mimomys obtusus vole
(= M. pusillus group)
Mimomys arvalinus vole
(= M. pusillus group)
Mimomys fejervaryi vole
M. fejérváryi
Mimomys savini vole
(= savini), its presence is unlikely
"Clethrionomys solus" = Myodes vole
 Rodentia - Sciuridae
"Citellus primigenius" = Spermophilus
"Citellus primigenius" = Spermophilus ground squirrel
 Lagomorpha - Leporidae
 Lipotyphla - Talpidae
Desmana nehringi Kormos 1913 Russian desman
Talpa fossilis Petenyi 1864 mole
 Tribosphenida - Soricidae
Drepanosorex margaritodon red-toothed shrew
Sorex minutus Linnaeus 1766 Eurasian pygmy shrew
Sorex runtonensis Hinton 1911 long-tailed shrew
Petenyia hungarica Kormos 1934 red-toothed shrew
Soriculus gibberodon red-toothed shrew
Crocidura kornfeldi Kormos 1934 white-toothed shrew
Beremendia fissidens Petényi 1864 shrew
 Chiroptera -
Chiroptera indet. Blumenbach 1779 bat
Chiroptera div. indet.
 Chiroptera - Rhinolophidae
Rhinolophus cf. ferrumequinum Schreber 1774 greater horseshoe bat
 Carnivora - Ursidae
Ursus cf. gombaszoegensis bear
U. gombaszögensis
 Carnivora - Mustelidae
Baranogale beremendensis mustelid carnivore
Lutra sp. Brisson 1762 otter
Lutra (s. l.) sp. indet.
Pannonictis pliocaenicus mustelid carnivore
 Carnivora - Canidae
Vulpes sp. Frisch 1775 fox
Vulpes s. l. sp. indet.
Canis sp. Linnaeus 1758 canine
 Carnivora - Felidae
Felis sp. Linnaeus 1758 cat
 Theriiformes -
Erinaceus sp. Linnaeus 1758 mammal
 Artiodactyla -
 Artiodactyla - Cervidae
Megaloceros sp. Brookes 1828 Irish elk
 Urticales - Dilleniidae
Celtis sp. Linnaeus 1753 hackberry