NMMNH L-2739, Sixmile Spring (Triassic of the United States)

Also known as Fort Wingate

Where: McKinley County, New Mexico (35.4° N, 108.5° W: paleocoordinates 10.9° N, 47.1° W)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Bluewater Creek Formation (Chinle Group), Norian (228.0 - 208.5 Ma)

• Adamanian LVF; radiometric dates suggest that the Chinle is entirely Norian in age. Also known as the Bluewater Creek Member of the Chinle Formation. Near base of formation.

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: pond; paleosol/pedogenic, sideritic, gray, red, blue mudstone

• either "a pond or other limnitic environment" with "post-depositional pedogenesis" or "a distal floodplain environment."
• "a grayish-blue to grayish red-purple, highly smectitic mudstone...almost no evidence for coarse-grained clastic material...abundant siderite (calcrete) nodules and some color mottling"

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Collected by A. B. Heckert & S. G. Lucas; reposited in the NMMNH

Collection methods: bulk, quarrying, surface (in situ), mechanical, sieve,

Primary reference: A. B. Heckert, S. G. Lucas, and A. P. Hunt. 1994. A late Carnian theropod from New Mexico: implications for the early evolution of Theropoda. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 14(3, suppl.):28A [M. Carrano/M. Carrano]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 55248: authorized by Matthew Carrano, entered by Matthew Carrano on 03.10.2005, edited by Richard Butler

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Xenacanthiformes - Xenacanthidae
"Xenacanthus" sp.2 Beyrich 1848 elasmobranch
NMMNH P-34443, broken labial cusp
 Hybodontiformes -
Hybodontoidea indet.2 Zangerl 1981 elasmobranch
Osteichthyes indet.2 bony fish
NMMNH P-34431, vertebra
Actinopterygii indet.2 ray-finned fish
NMMNH P-34444, 34445, teeth
 Palaeonisciformes - Palaeoniscidae
aff. Turseodus sp.2 Leidy 1857
 Palaeonisciformes - Redfieldiidae
Redfieldiidae indet.2 Hutchinson 1973
 Coelacanthiformes - Coelacanthidae
Coelacanthidae indet.2 Agassiz 1843 coelacanth
NMMNH P-34424, 34425, scales
 Temnospondyli - Metoposauridae
Metoposauridae indet.2 Watson 1919 tetrapod
NMMNH P-34442, tooth
Apachesaurus sp.2 Hunt 1993 tetrapod
NMMNH P-34441, centrum
"Buettneria sp." = Koskinonodon Branson and Mehl 1929 tetrapod
Reptilia indet.2 Laurenti 1768 reptile
NMMNH P-34433-34436, 34438, 34439, centra. NMMNH P-34460, 34461, teeth
 Eosuchia -
Trilophosaurus jacobsi3 Murry 1987 archosauromorph
NMMNH P-34447, 34448, 34472, teeth
Archosauriformes "indet. B"2 Gauthier 1986 archosauromorph
NMMNH P-34451, tooth, "morphotype B"
Archosauriformes "indet. F"2 Gauthier 1986 archosauromorph
NMMNH P-34452, tooth, "morphotype F"
Archosauriformes "indet. M"2 Gauthier 1986 archosauromorph
NMMNH P-34453, tooth, "morphotype M"
Archosauriformes "indet. S"2 Gauthier 1986 archosauromorph
NMMNH P-34473, tooth, "morphotype S"
Archosauriformes indet.4 Gauthier 1986 archosauromorph
"more advanced than the Herrerasauridae"; NMMNH P-18401, ten vertebral fragments
Archosauriformes indet.4 Gauthier 1986 archosauromorph
NMMNH P-18400, partial skeleton
 Saurischia -
? Prosauropoda indet.2 prosauropod
NMMNH P-18405, tooth fragment
 Ornithischia -
? Ornithischia indet.2 ornithischian
NMMNH P-34458, 34459; NMMNH P-34500 (only first two are "?"), teeth
 Pseudosuchia - Stagonolepididae
 Phytosauria -
"Parasuchia indet." = Phytosauria1, "? Parasuchia indet." = Phytosauria1
"Parasuchia indet." = Phytosauria1 Jaeger 1828 archosaur
NMMNH P-18270, occipital condyle. NMMNH P-18271-18275, vertebral fragments. NMMNH P-34454-34457, teeth
"? Parasuchia indet." = Phytosauria1 Jaeger 1828 archosaur
NMMNH P-18275, four centrum fragments
 Eosuchia -
Crosbysaurus harrisae2 Heckert 2004 archosauromorph
NMMNH P-18403, 18404, teeth
Crosbysaurus harrisae2 Heckert 2004 archosauromorph
NMMNH P-18402, tooth